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McDonald’s is the leading fast-food organization worldwide with a strong global presence and an excellent reputation. It has a universal strategy that considers local preferences and beliefs, making it one of the most loved brands in the world. The company launches innovative products regularly to attract customers, and it provides reasonable value, great service, and choice. However, McDonald’s faces some weaknesses such as quality issues across the franchise network, poor marketing, and poor management. The company has several opportunities such as introducing a healthy lifestyle food segment, joint ventures, and using more environment-friendly products and processes. Nevertheless, McDonald’s faces several threats such as growing awareness among the medical and scientific community, changing diet preferences, and strong competition from healthier counterparts such as Subway. McDonald’s mission is to become the best and customer favorite fast-food restaurant by improving its operations and delivering exceptional customer experience. Its vision is to continue being the best and largest fast-food chain globally by providing outstanding quality service and healthy options to become the most loved brand in the world.

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  1. Strong Global presence: McDonald’s is the leading fast-food organization in the world with 32,060 restaurants serving burgers and fries in 118 countries.
  2. Worldwide brand image and reputation: It has the same strategy in every market all over the world, but also takes into consideration the local beliefs and likes of people of the respective country. That is the reason why, it is considered most famous and loved brands in the world.
  3. Innovative products to attract the customers: McDonald’s launches several different innovative products regularly to attract the customers such as: happy meals for kids, giving away small toys with the kids meal, organizing birthday parties and other events in the stores for the customers, considering the local favorites such as Aloo tikki burger and Paneer salsa wrap in India.
  4. McDonald’s offers the consumers reasonable value, great service and choice.


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  1. Quality issues across the franchise network: Customers require the same quality of food in all the franchises which McDonald’s fail to achieve.
  2. The core products of McDonald’s does not meet the trend towards healthier lifestyles of adults and kids.
  3. Poor marketing: McDonald’s has incidents of poor advertising in China and Hong Kong which was considered offensive by the locals which affects the brand image.
  4. Poor management: Failure to respond to the changing needs and demands of the customers.


  1. Healthy lifestyle food segment: Introduction of a new segment which supports the latest trend of health conscious groups.
  2. Growth of fast-food industry.
  3. Joint Ventures: Joint ventures with the supermarkets such as costco.
  4. Wi-fi Internet, play zones for kids at all the franchises.
  5. Using more environment friendly products and processes can help them achieve socially responsible tag.


  1. Growing awareness among the medical and scientific community. For example, the research at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University about the fast-food joint within 500 feet of a school is associated with the 5. 2 percent increase in the obesity rate.
  2. Changing diet preferences and health consciousness among people.
  3. Environment friendly groups all over the world creating pressure.
  4. Global down turn in economy reduces the eating-out capacity of the consumer.
  5. Strong competition from healthier counterparts such as subway.

Improved Mission Statement

McDonald’s mission is to be the best and customer favorite fast-food restaurant. Our plan is to become better rather than just bigger using our Plan to Win strategy, composed of the 5 P’s (people, products, place, price and promotion). We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experience and improving our operations.

Vision Statement

“McDonald’s vision is simply, to continue to be the best and the largest fast-food chain in the world. To achieve our vision, we are focused on providing outstanding quality, service, healthy options, so that we become the most loved brand in the world. ”

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