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Respect and Support in My Family

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I believe there is no such thing as a perfect childhood or life. People are no

perfect. Therefore, children have some flaws in their childhoods, some more than

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Respect and Support in My Family
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others. There may be several flaws in someone’s childhood, but there are many

good points to back on. These good points all depend on six basic needs. They

are love, acceptance, security, independence, sense of achievement, and personal

While growing up, I had a rather satisfactory childhood. I never question if

I was loved when I was a kid.

I was loved then and I’m still loved now. My

parents were there whenever I scraped my knee or needed help. They cared for me

and did what was best for me. My parents are still here for me and care very much

about me to this day. I remember that sometimes I used to be mad at them because

they wouldn’t let me do certain things. I now understand why they did so.

Growing up as a kid I felt accepted by my whole family. No matter what I

did, they never turned their back on me. When I did something bad, they were still

there to support me. The same is true today. Even though I’ve done things that

my parents weren’t happy about, they still supported me.

I had a good sense of security as a kid. I never really threatened unless

someone was picking on me. Other than that I always new I had a caring family to

come home to. I didn’t question whether I belonged or not. I knew I belonged. I

had loving parents at my side whenever I needed them.

I think independence is a very essential thing in order to live on your own.

When the parents of children do everything for them, the children never learn

responsibility or how to do something alone. I believe every parent should indulge

their children in some kind of independence every once in a while. I was a very

dependent child growing up. My parents did a lot of things for me most of the

time. They still do things for me. I think its going to hurt me a little in the long

run because I am not very experienced in some things. Although I lack a little

experience, I am learning more because I am depending on myself when I go out

with my friends and I take responsibility for my actions.

I believe achievement is important early on in a child’s life because this is

where they gain self-confidence for later down the road. I think I achieved well as

a child. I had friends and caring family that supported me. I achieved in things

As a kid I had my own personal norms. I always made sure that I was

treating people nicely because I knew what it felt like to be picked on since I was

one of the people that was picked on. I also got norms from my parents. They

taught me to treat people with respect at all times.

I relate and get along very well with other people. I especially get along

well with my family. We rarely argue over anything. My brother and I get along

most of the time. I get along with people of the same sex just as well as people of

the opposite sex. The most important thing I expect from other people is respect.

I would respect them so I would want respect them in return. I think a lack of

respect is a bad impression when I first meet someone.


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