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Mentor interview

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2014 Interviewer: Interviewee: Sent Reels 1 . What are your Job responsibilities? What are the responsibilities of your department? “My official title is Senior Research Associate so my Job responsibilities are coordinate research activities. Also, assist with the development of operations for women and people in the medical field. I have to make sure projects and ideas are coordinated properly. Be a mentor for interns like yourself which can get hectic at times.

Overall that are the major responsibilities of my job. ” 2. How does your work contribute to the mission of the company? “Our mission is to innovate, educate, advocate and integrate by preparing tomorrows physicians for excellence in health care delivery to all women across the lifespan.

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By continually educating women of all ages about informative topics that can help promoting healthiness in women. Every day I stay true to the mission of the company by educating women about health care. My work gives women education about health that advocates a healthy body.

My Job description contributes to the mission of the company every day. ” 3. Describe a happily day at your Job. “My day usually starts with a morning health education session at the school. Following, I work with my students/interns for a couple of hours. I then conduct research for grants for the company. Concluding my day I go to office meetings which Is how I usually end the day. Finally If I have time I go do more research about future topics. ” 4. What decisions do you have to make? “Decisions I have to make are public health goals, meaning what goals I want my department to accomplish.

Goals Include how many Information sessions I want to be done in a months’ time. Also, for my interns, what projects I want them to get done, for example how many tweets I want them to post or how much work I want them to get done on one day. Also, what research I want to be conducted and what project I want to go with the project. Lastly, a decision I make is approaches for research. ” 5. Do you work alone or as part of a team? “l work as part of a team with 5 other ladies. However, I make the decisions for the team. We all do projects collectively like planning events for the students.

Knowing that I can be the influence in someone life that can change their epistyle is very rewarding. What I like least about my Job is the pay (laughs). If I could change anything about my Job I would change the pay. ” 1 1 . What other kinds of Jobs are available in your line of work? “There is a superfluous amount of Jobs available in my line of work. Jobs include: Film, research, policy work, environmental, and communication. This Jobs are all in my department and there are many more outside my department. A description of one of the Jobs is in research, you conduct research about women health that can be included in research projects.

With everyone on the internet you will never have nothing to do. ” 12. What words of advice can you offer someone interested in this line of work? “RUN AND RUN FAST!!!! (LAUGHS) If someone wanted to be in this line of work I would tell them to study hard and take advantage of your professors and teachers. Furthermore, I would also say, take internships so you can be prepared for what you want to do and make sure this is the career path you want. ” 13. Was this the career path you thought you would have? “Originally, I thought I would be a medical doctor, which is why I obtained my aster’s degree in medicine.

However, when I was introduced to public health I took interest in it and look at me now! ” 14. How did you get over your fear of public speaking? “l never did! I still get the butterflies in my stomach when about to make a big presentation. However, when I get into the presentation I get comfortable and it isn’t that difficult anymore. I don’t think I will ever get over public speaking but I think the fear will get better over time and practice. ” 15. Did you ever obtain any special recognition or accomplishments in your career? “No. ”

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