Milk and Dairy Products


Domestic market
Vinamilk is the leading enterprise in Vietnam in manufacturing milk and dairy products. Vinamilk holds 39% of the market share nationwide. The company has more than 220 distributors in the distribution system and over 140,000 outlets in Vietnam. Besides, our products are sold in all systems of supermarket nationwide. Competition advantages

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We believe that our success up till now and our prospects of future development are based on the combination of the following strengths: • The industry leader position, supported by good brand building strategy • The diversity of products

• The wide distribution network
• Stable relationships with suppliers to ensure high-quality milk • The ability to do market research and to develop products in accordance to market demand • Good management team, proven by the business results

• International standard manufacturing equipment and technology Since the establishment in 1976, we have built a strong brand for our dairy products in the Vietnamese market. The brand name Vinamilk has been used since our establishment and has now become a widely known name in Vietnam. We strongly believe that our leading and growing market share can be traced back to our advertising and marketing campaigns, non-stop development of products, and the high quality of products.

Thanks to our experience from years attending Vietnamese market, we are able to identify the consumers’ trends and taste, which guide us to focus on developing products with popular characteristics. For instance, our understandings of the market demand brought about the leading position of Vinamilk Kid in the market for children from 6 to 12 in 2007.

The diversity of products
We supply a wide range of products to meet different consumers’ needs. We have products aiming at special groups of customers like kids, adults and elderly and also products for families and enterprises like cafeterias. Moreover, through our products and different sizes of packaging, we provide customers with convenient portable milk products.



Stable relationships with suppliers to ensure high-quality milk A source of high-quality milk material is especially important to our business. As a result, we have established stable relationships with suppliers through our assessment policy. We assist farmers financially by buying dairy-producing cows and we commit to purchase high quality fresh milk at the highest price. We have signed agreements every year with milk suppliers and up till now approximately 40% milk material has been bought from domestic sources. Our factories, which are located in strategic locations near farms of milk cows, enable us to maintain and improve these relationships with suppliers.

We also choose the location for our milk purchase centers carefully to ensure the freshest and highest-quality milk available. On the other hand, we import milk powder from Australia and New Zealand to satisfy the needs for both quantity and quality. We believe that the stability of milk material sources is extremely important to our business as it helps us maintain and increase the productivity. The ability to do market research and to develop products in accordance to market demand We have highly qualified and experienced marketing and sales staff to analyze and identify the consumers’ trends and tastes and to assist direct salespersons who are committed to understand the consumers’ preferences well in their regular contact with customers across different outlets. For example, our understanding in 6 to 12 year-old children’s tastes led to our success in the introduction of the marketing campaign named Vinamilk Milk Kid in May 2007. As a result of this, Vinamilk Milk Kid became the best seller in the market for 6 to 12 year-old children in December 2007. Further, we also study and develop our products in two ways: improving the quality of existing products and expanding them into different types of products.

We have a research and development division with a team of 10 engineers and a technical officer. This division liaises with the marketing division, which updates the company with current consumers’ trends and preferences based on findings from market research organizations. We believe that the ability to develop new products according to more and more high-demanding tastes of consumers is one of the key factors which lead to our success and plays an important role in the growth in the future. With our effort to develop our products to meet the latest trends, we have actively engaged market research companies to study the trends and sales activities, consumers’ feedback and media related to the food and beverage field as well • Good management team, proven by the business results

Vinamilk has been managed by a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff members. President Mai Kieu Lien has 30 years of experience in the milk field in this company and has played a key role in the growth and development of the company. The marketing staff is directed by Mr. Tran Bao Minh, who has 10 years of experience in marketing and brand building in beverage industry and who is credited with having restored the brand image and having conducted a product revolution. Other senior management members have averagely 25 years of experience in manufacture, distribution and sales.

We also have a strong junior management staff to assist the senior staff and to make a contribution to the development of the company with their young age and enthusiasm as well. • International standard manufacturing equipment and technology We use the latest technology for manufacturing and packaging in all factories. We have imported the technology from European nations like Germany, Italy and Switzerland in our assembly line. We are the only company in Vietnam which possesses the system of machines that uses the eject-desiccation technology by Niro Denmmark, a world leading company in industrial desiccation technology. Such companies as Dutch Lady (belonging to Friesland Foods), Nestle and New Zealand Milk also apply this technology in the manufacture process. In addition, we also use international standard assembly line provided by tetra Pak to make dairy products and other valued products. System of distribution and members

Vinamilk is the leading enterprise in Vietnam in manufacturing milk and dairy products. Vinamilk holds 75% of the market share nationwide. The company has
more than 200 distributors in the distribution system and over 140,000 outlets in Vietnam. In addition, our products are sold in all systems of supermarket nationwide. 1976 : Our Company was founded under the name of Southern Coffee-Dairy Company, a subsidiary of the General Food Directorate and had six factories in operation, namely Thong Nhat Dairy Factory, Truong Tho Dairy Factory, Dielac Factory, Bien Hoa Coffee Factory, Bich Chi Powder Factory and Lubico.

1978 : The management of our Company was transferred to the Ministry of Food Industry and our Company was renamed United Enterprises of Milk Coffee Cookies and Candies I.

1988 : Introduced powdered milk and cereal with milk powder at the first time in Vietnam.

1991 : Launched UHT milk and spoon yoghurt to Vietnam market.

1992 : The United Enterprises of Milk Coffee Cookies and Candies I was formally renamed Vietnam Dairy Company and came under the direct management of the Ministry of Light Industry. We started focusing on the manufacturing and processing of dairy products.

1994 : Hanoi Dairy Factory was built in Hanoi as part of our Company’s expansion and market development strategy to cater to the market in the northern region of Vietnam.

1996 : Binh Dinh Dairy Joint Venture Enterprise was founded as the result of our joint venture with Dong Lanh Quy Nhon Joint Stock Company. This joint venture enabled our Company to successfully gain access to the market in the middle region of Vietnam.

2000 : Can Tho Dairy Factory, which is located in Tra Noc Industrial Zone, Can Tho City was built to better meet the demands of consumers in the Mekong Delta. In the same year, we set up the Logistics and Warehouse Enterprise located in 32 Dang Van Bi St., Ho Chi Minh City.

2003 : Was formally converted into a joint stock company in December 2003 and changed its name to Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company to reflect its change in status.

2004 : Acquired Saigon Milk Joint Stock Company. Increased share capital to VND 1,590 billion

2005 : Bought over our joint venture partner’s remaining shareholdings in Binh Dinh Dairy Products Company Ltd (as Binh Dinh Dairy Factory was then known) and inaugurated Nghe An Dairy Factory, located in Cua Lo Industrial Zone, Nghe An province, on 30 June 2005.

* Entered into a joint venture agreement with SABMiller Asia B.V. and established SABMiller Vietnam Joint Venture Company Ltd. in August 2005. Our first joint venture product, Zorok, was also launched in the first half of 2007.

2006 : Vinamilk was listed on the HOSE on 19 January 2006 with the SCIC holding approximately 50.01% of our Company’s shareholdings.

* Opened An Khang Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City in June 2006. This is the first clinic in Vietnam managed by a sophisticated electronic management system. The clinic offers a diverse range of services such as nutritional consulting, gynecology testing, pediatrics consulting and health screening. * Commenced our dairy cow farms program with the acquisition of Tuyen Quang dairy farm, a small scale farm with 1,400 heads of cows in November 2006. The Tuyen Quang dairy farm was operational at the time of acquisition.

2007 : Acquired a 55% interest in Lam Son Milk Company Ltd. in September 2007, located in Le Mon Industrial Zone, Thanh Hoa

Strength :

+ Brand , market share ( 75 % ) .
+ Network -wide distribution ( 64 cities ) .
+ Diverse products , competitive prices .
+ Advanced production line
+ Leaders have good management capacity .
+ Diverse product portfolio and strong ( 150 product categories ) + Good relationships with partners .
+ Team of marketing and product research experience

2 . Weakness

+ Products primarily focused on the domestic market .
+ Marketing activities of companies mainly in the south .

3.Have the

+ The preferential policies of the government of the dairy industry ( 2000 billion approved for dairy development project in 2020) + Power supply stable material ( We have also actively investing , investment construction , building materials serving the needs of businesses ) + WTO : market expansion , business , learning experience .

4.Thach consciousness

+ Unstable Economy ( inflation , economic crisis ….. )
+ WTO : appear more competitors .
+ The political situation in the world even more unstable .

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