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Moby Dick Essays

In this video, we immediately learn of an obsessed captain who wants revenge. Why does he want revenge and against whom or what? We learn that he wants revenge against the giant whale that stole his arm. 2. Who is the narrator of Moby Dick and what is the first line of the novel? The narrator of Moby Dick is Ishmael, and the first line of the novel is, “Call me Ishmael. ” 3. There are two significant Biblical allusions mentioned in the film. To whom do these allusions reference? How are the names significant?

The two allusions are Ishmael is both an outcast in the book, and in the biblical sense. As well as Elijah being a profit in both instances. 4. The narrator states that Moby Dick symbolizes three different meanings for three different characters. List the characters and the meaning which Moby Dick symbolizes for each of them. The three meanings behind Moby dick are evil, god-like, and chaos. 5. Why did Melville choose to write about whaling? Why was the industry significant? Melville chose to wrote about whaling because it was a true story. 6.

What did Melville do when he was 21? When Melville was 21 he set sail for the South Pacific. 7. What established writer did Melville befriend while he was writing Moby Dick? 8. Comment on the four harpooners of the Pequod; politically, why were they significant? The four harpooners of the Pequod were Tashtego, a Gay Indian head, Queequeg, a south sea islander, Daggoo, an African American. These are significant because it shows how the many different people taught the white men how to fish. 9. What happens to the Pequod towards the end of the book? Ahab? Ishmael?

Ahab asks Perth for a harpoon to kill Moby Dick, Perth makes the harpoon and blesses it with the blood of his pagan harpooners. 10. What were the final years of Melville like? The final years of Melville included him winning the reputation of being the only honest employee of the custom house. 5 Interview Questions Grace Bajalia, New York Times 1. Ishmael, what made you decided to join the Pequod? 2. Ishmael, was there a lady in your life at the time? 3. Did you ever wonder why you were doing the things you did? 4. What are your true feelings about the whale? 5. Any regrets?

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