My Car Essay

My Car Nahiyan Majid Class – IX My car is a Ford Mustang Boss the 2012 model - My Car Essay introduction. The car comes with a V6 engine that is powered for the racetrack and has a 305-horse power. This car is a remake of the 1969 model, which explains its enhanced features in both exterior and its interior. The car is a coupe, but still comprises of aerodynamic features such as sunroof, and its front shape, which allows it to navigate easily through any weather. The car consists of run flat tires with 18-inch rims that add to its safety in case of a tire burst. The rims are made of aluminum, and they gleam in the sun reflecting their luster.

In addition, the gleam on the rims ensures a fair agreement between the rims and the metallic black body paint. On the other hand, the car has a customized interior with a navigation screen that aids when reversing the car. The inside is trimmed with tan colored leather, which also covers the seats that are fitted with flat screens for passengers to enjoy their music video clip or movie while journeying. The car also has a Sony stereo that is supported by a powerful amplifier, and it is fitted with 10 speaker sound system to compliment the stereo.

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This paper provided a descriptive essay of my Ford Mustang, 2012 model. The Ford Mustang, been the latest in the market, comes with a 3. 7-liter engine that produces 305 horsepower, and 280 pound-feet of torque. With such a powerful engine, the car is fitted with a massive aluminum coated exhaust pipe that produces a purring sound whenever the car is moving. In addition, the car comes with a manual six gear that allows a 3. 31 gear ratio, which makes the car cover a possible 60 mph in 6 seconds. The exterior is finished with a black metallic coat that reveals the aluminum coated, gleaming, run flat rims.

The black tinted windows prevent the interior from revealing, and shade excessive light from accessing. The interior of the car is trimmed with leather that is tan colored; thus, matches perfectly with the exterior color. The pedals have wide surface area, and are covered, with rubber to prevent the feet from sliding. The pedals are adjustable to improve the comfort of the driver, and for safety purposes. The car is fitted with sync buttons, but they do not have a tough feeling on them. The buttons support the audio functions of the car such as navigation and the phone system.

The sunlit roof is power controlled and can be opened or closed by pressing on a button situated on the driver’s armrest. The car has a sporty steering wheel fitted with a handle for easy navigation. In addition, the car is fitted with a power steering function that promotes the sensitive response of the wheels. In conclusion, the Ford Mustang 2012 model comes with advanced features such as 305-horse power engine, which is hooked with an exhaust that is aluminum finished, and produces a purring sound when the car is in motion. The car has a streamlined shape, and it is somewhat lower from the ground.

The body has black metallic coating, and it complements the tires, which have aluminum polished rims. A button situated at the driver’s armrest controls the sunlit roof. The interior is finished with tan leather, and the dashboard comprises of buttons, to support the audio functions of the car. A navigation system is fitted on the dashboard beneath the car’s stereo. The ten Sony speakers fitted in the car reveal the five thousand watts amplifier that supports the stereo. The Ford Mustang is a car to reckon. ________________________________________X____________________________________

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