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Now many high school students confused a question-what kind of university will they be admitted? What sort of degree should they apply for? and What are the job prospects for it? These questions also bother me. However, I think everyone has a few ideal universities in their heart. Due to their requirements are very strict, so they are afraid to choose them. I was so lucky that I can have a chance to study at CYSS. In there, I have learned lots of knowledge about Canadian cultures. It helps me to be brave to face difficulties, make me have a more extensive perspective and let me have my ideal universities—University of Ottawa, York University and Simon Fraser University.

My Dreaming Universities

Have you ever been lost? My answer is yes. I’ve spent countless nights wondering, what’s my goal? Subsequently, I went to collect information and learn different degrees of each school. Gradually, I became more and more interested in a course called Media. I also recognized some universities that have it.

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The first university I want to introduce is the university of Ottawa located in Ontario, Canada. The University of Ottawa is a public research university and is one of the longest-established universities in Canada. As far as I know, Ottawa has developed very well in recent years and is one of the best choices for most international students. The University of Ottawa’s media program covers using mass media to disseminate writing, listening and visual information, including advertising and public relations, methods and techniques for influencing production. At the same time, the major part is journalism and university communication. In terms of employment, the choice is also various. However, the competition will be fierce. Also, the University of Ottawa is very close to Carleton University, which is a great place to better understand the degree of media. Thus, I will try my best to put all my energy into entering this school.

The second one I want to discuss is the York University. It is the third-largest comprehensive university in Canada and also it is Canada’s third-largest interdisciplinary research university, located in the largest city and financial center-Toronto. It has 10 colleges and 24 research centers, nearly 60,000 students and more than 7,000 faculty and staff, and 200,000 alumni all over the world! Of course, its media course is also pretty great, although its conditions are rigorous.

The last one is Simon Fraser University. Simon Fraser University, founded in 1965, is a comprehensive public research university in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There are eight colleges jointly established by SFU, which delivers more than 100 specialties, covering more than 40 fields of interdisciplinary specialties. Simon Fraser’s subject in media is also one of the best majors, with a wide range of professional media skills and its employment rate is 95 percent even higher. Therefore, Simon Fraser university’s admission requirements are very also tough. Because of it, students are supposed to have excellent learning abilities and confidence.


In conclusion, every school has its special advantages. No matter what kind of universities that I want, I should work hard to achieve my goal and become a better person. Although my foundation of learning is poor, I will never give up. I strongly trust that with my consistently struggle, finally in one day, I can be chosen by my ideal universities. Also, I wish that all my friends one day could get into your dreaming school.


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