Lucid Dreaming Persuasive

In your virtual reality dream world, you can realistically fly over cities, meet your favor tit celebrity in the flesh, or become a ninja assassin. It is way more realistic than daydreaming g or playing your favorite video game. But once you get over the novelty value, you’ll nude resistant that lucid dreaming has many personal development applications, such as: creative problem solving increasing your creativity facing your fears improving your confidence practicing new skills developing your sense of self exploring your own subconscious Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously direct and control your dreams.

It transforms your inner dream world into a living alternate reality where everything you see, he AR, feel, taste and even smell is as authentic as real life. Lucidity occurs during altered states of consciousness when you realize you are dreaming and your brain switches in to waking mode inside the dream. In normal dreams, your self awareness is shut down. That’s why they often feel fuzzy and distant. But when lucid, the conscious brain wakes up dour inning sleep! This is a safe and natural State. It is not a literal out Of body experience because y oh are always asleep in bed. And if you want to, you can wake yourself up.

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When you become e lucid, your senses become alive. You can explore the inner workings of your subconscious s mind with total freedom. Dream control is a cognitive aspect of lucid dreaming because it’s all done thro cough willpower and mental focus. Contrary to popular belief, when you become lucid you don’ t automatically have total control over your dream environment. Lucid dreaming only means to have conscious selfsameness within the dream state. Sometimes this means control oiling many aspects of it, sometimes just a few key expectations, and sometimes you may whose to relinquish all control altogether. The sailor does not control the sea,” as lucid dream researcher Robert Wag owner puts it. You may navigate your ship (consciousness) through the ocean (the dream) b UT you do not have to consciously populate every dream scene with every leaf and blade of grass and wisp of cloud. The dream populates itself while we consciously frolic within it. Some times that means a bird flies of its own accord, or a dream figure behaves autonomously . It is all still classified as lucid dreaming. Beginners often run into the trap of trying to control major features of the deer m with only a partial sense of lucidity.

This can be frustrating and disheartening. TO overcome me this obstacle, employ these tricks for increasing and prolonging your lucidity. Only then can you master full dream control (bayou so choose). When you do exert greater control over the dream, the world is your oyster. Y oh can paint the sky with a sweep of your hand. You can burrow down into the ground and Joe Rene to the center of the Earth. You can fight zombies, become Iron Man, or even create a n entirely new civilization. Absolutely anything is possible unless you have a preconceived lie minting belief about it.

And if you have no conscious expectations of a certain event, your us pugnacious will fill them in for you, guiding the dream on your behalf. How to learn to Lucid Dream? 1. Recall dreams The first thing you need to do is to learn how to recall your dreams, otherwise you would not recall your lucid dreams in the first place. More importantly, it functions as a v ITIL stepping stone for dream analyses. 2. Discover dreaming Once you have noted down your dreams in a journal for about two to three w seeks, you review your dreams and identify recurrent dreamlike features that characterize your dreams: dreaming.

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