My role as a military officer

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The author wants to be a military officer because of their admiration for men in uniform and their desire to uphold the country’s constitution and keep it safe from threats. Society expects loyalty to the country, fulfilling duties and obligations with the best of their ability, and treating people with respect. As an officer, their responsibilities include leading by example, developing others to reach their highest potential, and establishing and maintaining good relationships with others. These responsibilities are outlined in DA PAM 600-2 and FM 6-22.

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Why do I want to be a military officer?

            Whenever I see men in uniform, I can’t help but feel such admiration not just with their bearing and confidence, their posture and elegance but more so with their passion and purpose, their direction and all that they stand for.

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            It is not surprising then that I would want to be one of these elite group of individuals who are able and ready to lay down their lives to uphold our country’s constitution. Like these people, I would like to take part in keeping our country safe from threats of outside forces and even from our own countrymen who do not have the same dedication to preserve what we have worked hard for hundreds of years. I would like to share my own expertise in any field that would help maintain, if not improve our military system. At the end of my life, I want to be able to say that I did my best in every way.

What does society expect from me as a military officer?

            As a military officer, I know and I’m sure that my countrymen would expect nothing less than my loyalty to my country. What better way to do that than to be true to my allegiance to the US constitution, to my superiors, my unit and my fellow military men.

            I will also fulfill my duties and obligations with the best of my ability, for my people deserve nothing less than the best service I could render. I will put my people’s welfare before my own.

            I will clothe myself with dignity and honor, with integrity and pride. I will always do what’s legally and morally right for the sake of the majority.

            With great passion and humility, I will treat people with respect at all times.

            I will face any danger, physical or moral with selfless service for being a military officer, it is expected that my personal courage and determination must be beyond myself.

What are three of my soon to be responsibilities as an officer?

            Soon, as an officer I will have to lead by example. Nothing in this world can inspire men and women alike more than to make them see that you “walk your own talk”.  It is important then that they know you are willing to follow your own instruction/ direction.

            Another responsibility of a military officer or leader is to develop others to reach their highest potential. It is not enough that when one leads, they do everything themselves. It is imperative that a leader helps his individual team members find their strengths and capitalize them. Like an orchestra, they will be able to perform well together if they will focus on their specialties and a great leader (a conductor) will be able to guide the team towards perfect harmony.

            A good military officer also extends influence beyond the chain of command and thus, gets excellent results most of the time. Just like in any other organization, it is a given fact that a leader should be able to establish and maintain good relationships with any and all people he comes in contact with. We, after all, is a society of people and without proper respect and genuine deference for others, nobody has the right to claim to be an effective military leader.

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