My World

My World

            We live in a material world. Everything that our eyes conceive is physically material. On the contrary, I believe that there is much more in this world than earthly things. The world is a puzzle that we need to piece together—a problem that we need to solve. However, it is a problem unsolvable—a problem too complex and beyond comprehension. Yet, we can only see the world as such if we close our eyes from superficiality and open them to greater extents. Simply put, the world is merely an illusion that we have created to fulfill our sight.

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What is your definition of sound philosophy?

            In my opinion, a philosophy is sound if it depicts an individual’s personal values in life, and he or she is willing to stand up for it. It is inevitable that in certain events in our lives, we tend to lose our sense of direction due to tough decisions. Nevertheless, I believe that if one has a sound philosophy and it is well-developed by past lessons in life, then that individual is likely to reach a fulfilled life.

            My opinion of a sound philosophy also supports the definition of Douglas Macintosh, the author of “Theology as an Empirical Science.” He argues that philosophy is more than science—like wisdom being more than just information. He explained that it is a part of wisdom to make use of available information in the same sense that a sound philosophy should make use of science (Macintosh 234). It is rather important that we are knowledgeable with how things go around us for us to create a sound philosophy of our own. Similar to a camping trail, we need a sound philosophy as our weapon and protection to possible dangers along our journey.

What do you value in life? Why?

            I value many things in life—my family, friends, teachers, and every little thing that is around me. However, there is one particular thing in life that I hold with utmost importance: Memories. In the journey of life, we are fortuned to gather as much memories as we can so we always make it a point to create meaningful ones. After all, we would lose everything as we die, but at the end of the trail, we have our memories as legacies which are much more rewarding than golden trophies.

What is the purpose of your life?

            The purpose of my life revolves around the idea that I must utilize everything that was bestowed upon me for the benefit of those who need them. I am convinced that I am not living for myself but rather for all of the other living things around me. This philosophy is inspired by the fact that God did not create a person alone and all of us are connected through our ancestors.

What moral beliefs influence your choices and your behavior towards others?

            Most people would answer this question with a philosopher in mind. I also have various philosophers whose ideas have influenced my principles in life, but my moral beliefs were first cultivated by my parents’ teaching. They are devout Catholic, so it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus Christ is the most influential philosopher in my life. It is because of Him that I am able to walk through life confidently and accept different challenges. I am against violence and vengeance because He has taught us to forgive. This also justifies my purpose in life.

What is reality or truth?

            Truth is merely an illusion made up by us who are desperate to seek for explanations. Truth on earth cannot be comprehended by the human mind. Therefore, it takes a Higher Being to understand it. That is why a lot of our questions about the world are left unanswered or either vague or unsatisfactory. This leads me to the conclusion that we are not ready yet to fully grasp the ideas behind the creation of the world; what more of God’s existence?

            This now leads my opinion in response to God’s existence. One theory that supports my opinion is the 5 Ways of Thomas Aquinas who proved God’s existence by presenting the argument from motion, argument from cause, argument from contingency, argument from perfection, and argument from design. These five arguments reiterate the basis of all things on earth—that our existence and actions are motivated by a Supreme Being who is God (Palmer 50).

Is there life after death? What is the path to it?

I believe that there is life after death. However, I don’t think there is solid evidence that can prove this but my faith. I have faith that death here on earth is not a dead end. Instead it is an entrance to a place much different from earth. After we die, we are transferred to another life which description is in accordance to the way we lived our life on earth.
What role does religion play in your life?

The Catholic Church played a huge part in shaping the way I live my life. It served as my motivation to strengthen my faith which is the major reason why I have always stayed positive in life.

What role does justice, government involvement in your life, and inalienable rights play in your world view?

            They all play a huge part in molding my views about the world. The imperfection in the system proves my idea that it is not easy to solve the world as a puzzle, and attempting to do so by thinking they are capable is a complete waste. The world is a puzzle and will remain as such until the end of time. One is not obliged nor assigned to solve it in due time. We are here to carve imprints for the next generations and try to help them at least to ease future dilemmas in their time. No one is greater or better than anybody to take the responsibility of changing the world. All of us are merely elements to help and not to take all the credits.

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