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Narrative assignment examples

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    Yahoo. To make up active listening eye contact can sometimes help, A person will register that you are listening as they will be able to see you making that contact between one another. If you are looking in the opposite direction to them then they will feel as though they are being ignored by yourself. At the same time your body language can add to active listening because if you are sat with your arms folded and slouched you would look bored and as though you are not interested, However if you had your arms open, was sat up straight and had an interested face on you would look very interested in he conversation.

    In the Henchman Health And Social Care BITE First book it states that listening involves… -Looking interested and ready to listen -Hearing what is said -Remembering what is said -Checking understanding with the other person If you can remember what has been said during your conversation and take that in to be able to give a response then the other person will acknowledge your listening skills due to the fact your answer will be relevant. It will also help you to be able to do your job more effectively as you will understand what the patient ill want and they will feel more comfortable knowing that yourself can reach their needs.

    Some people use sign language to communicate, or even Braille for those with less vision. Not everyone would be able to understand as each person is different and only certain people can use this way of communicating. If you could not understand Braille then this would effect your job if you wanted to work with Blind people, and it would mean that you was not meeting your clients needs nor would you be doing your role effectively. Even now people still write letters to one another, Or use technology even!

    In a one-to-one conversation you will normal need the start, middle and end, Especially if it is someone you don’t know very well! You will need to be able to start with something friendly asking how they are maybe? Giving them time to take this in and respond it will start of a conversation. During a conversation the message will have to be prepared, Sent, Understood, Interpreted and then an answer will be given. If you don’t know the person very well your body language can effect this conversation because you would be able to tell if you feel comfortable or not.

    When you are leaving a conversation you need to leave with emotions, Saying things such as see you soon expresses that you enjoyed the conversation and are looking forward to your next which would make it easier to speak next time and make one another feel comfortable. In a group conversation each person needs to want to be involved. It can start in many ways as people tend to just talk and the conversation will go on with ideas if this was in a class, or it all leads on to different things when in a group of friends.

    Group conversations seem to be easier and more comfortable. According to Argyles hero he made up a communication cycle where the idea occurs, message is coded, message is sent, received, decoded and then understood which ensures the person knows what has been said so they can answer correctly. However Dustman’s theory suggests that group communication depends on how people feel around one another. He stats that most groups would go through 4 stages such as Forming, Storming, Morning and Performing.

    These theories could impact on how the services are provided in health and social care because people may not feel confident around one another and may not share their Houghton or ideas or even ask for help when wanting to help a patient… In a group conversation they may not trust one another enough to be able to speak highly of themselves of something they have done well or something they picked up on in work to inform other staff so they are aware too. If a person cannot communicate effectively there may be a danger that someone could not receive appropriate physical care.

    However if both theory’s are followed then each person involved in the conversation would of fully understood and been able to answer appropriately leaving each party feeling confident. Communication can become blocked if a person is unable to see, hear, make sense of the message or if the misunderstand the message. Environment can effect the way we communicate in many ways such as, Lighting. If the lights are bright and its light outside it can make you feel more away and in a better mood, if it is dark and dull outside and is a cold day it can make you fell more lazy and not bothered about things as much.

    It would make you less likely to want to talk and be in a good mood. For example in a prison if the room was dark and the walls were grey or red it could cause more violence as they may think of load and death. Noise, If it is very loud in the background you are less likely to speak to one another as you can not hear each other anyway, so you will not be communicating, However if you moved to somewhere quieter you are more likely to bring up conversation and to not be restricted. Such as in a hospital ward if it is full of family and visitors who are all talking you may misunderstand the message.

    Hearing disability can effect communication in many ways it is hard to try not to shout, it makes you feel better as though they can hear you yet the person trying to understand you feels intimidated by this. There is several ways to get around this you could show pictures or write out one another’s messages or even use sign language. If two people come in to contact and one can not hear or has difficulties it will cause barriers between each other because you will feel restricted as to what you can do/say as you will be wondering if they can hear you and how to get around it.

    Some people may have less eye sight than others and will have to use spoken language a lot clearer between one another to ensure that it is understood and a correct response can be given. People can adjust to touch your face to recognize you which encourages one another to speak more as you are being recognized. Everybody is different and comes from a different culture so you may come in to contact with somebody who comes from a different background/country and may speak a different language to yourself.

    This could have an impact on you because you would be unable to understand the conversation being held, you wouldn’t be able to reach their needs as it wouldn’t make sense to you and you wouldn’t be able to interpret it. However you can get around this by using pictures, diagrams, symbols, expressions or even using a translator to ensure that you can meet certain needs. Jargon/Slang is a huge barrier in today’s society. Many young people use slang when speaking to everyone including the older society and they do not understand certain words and find it hard to understand and then may give a incorrect answer to what is being asked.

    To get around this you would have to try several words that mean the same thing until you find one that each other understand and you could use it by speaking in shorter and clearer sentences. Certain peoples attitudes can effect the way in which we want to approach a errors, If somebody seems to be aggressive and have an attitude and doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say you may feel nervous when approaching them and not be able to get all the answers you need.

    At the same time you could approach this person early morning or late at night and that could affect the way you feel as many people don’t like morning nor nights as they get tired they begin to get grumpy and that will add to the way they are with you. The best time is to approach somebody just after dinner as they wont have any distractions as they will have eaten and woken up a little more. Certain epistyle choices can get in the way of communication.

    If one person comes from a wealthy area and is wearing designer clothes yet another is coming from a background where the family has been drinking and they have taken this up to then you may be weary of the person as it can affect them and may make them become aggressive. People judge and don’t give one another time to get to know each other they just make assumptions and presume that all drinking problems make people aggressive and mean its hard to interact with one another when really there is always a way to get to know somebody. Everyday people are threatening with things such as Goths, Memos, Chaps etc..

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