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Neologisms in Modern World

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  • Pages 2
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    New Words

    Swiftly changing contemporary world drives emergence of new words as, for example, mcjob, garden burger, globoboss, japanimation, mallrats, pooper-scooper and many others. Some neologisms emerge as a result of technical advances, whereas others are slang expressions and words. For example, mcjob is used to define low-paying and low-prestige job that doesn’t require extraordinary skills and knowledge. Such job doesn’t affect company’s advancement and development being simply contingent work. The term is often used in fast-food restaurant McDonalds, where little training is required, but staff turnover is very high.  Moreover, activities of workers are regulated tightly by managers. Summing up, mcjobs are presented mainly in fast food industry, coffee shops, retail business, and telemarketing.

    Further, garden burger is a vegetarian burger without meat served by Rice University Food Service. The term is used as an alternative to a hamburger and ‘garden’ may refer to everything vegetarian. Globoboss is one more new word defining a cosmopolitan executive who is able to perform across the globe. In particular, the term may be used to describe directors of international companies that embrace several continents. One more interesting neologism is japanimation – the term describes a cartoon of Japan originating that carries futuristic themes. The term is related to the style of animation, when the characters are provided with distinctive types of appearance – nudity, hair hanging in front of hero’s eye, etc. In particular, the word is used to describe the blend of animation and Japan. Pooper-scooper is used to describe the instrument for collecting animal waste matter. In slang, the term is used to describe dull work. Finally, mallrats defines teenagers and pre-teenagers who spend large amount of time wandering through shopping malls. Similar to rats wandering through pipelines, teenagers spend their time at shops.

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