Great Deal of Biblical Symbolism in Frankenstein

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Frankenstein’s creature embodies this theory through his education and growth, which take different paths during his short existence. Ultimately, his creator’s death sets him free. Remarkably, despite the overall secular tone, the text includes religious references and biblical allusions, adding complexity to a work that could be seen as a secular exploration of the perils of knowledge. While it is possible to strip away the religious aspects of the text, it is important to acknowledge that Frankenstein is rich in biblical symbolism, specifically regarding the outcast theme and the creation narrative.

“The creature’s state of bitterness and despair following its rejection from human society parallels Adam’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden in “Paradise Lost”. However, the monster evokes sympathy from modern readers due to a crucial difference. While Adam brings upon his own fate through sin, it is Victor, the creature’s creator, who is responsible for its grotesque existence. This repulsiveness ultimately results in the creature being shunned. It is only after enduring constant rejection that the creature becomes violent and resolves to seek revenge” (Mellor 106).

The novel Frankenstein begins with an epigraph from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, clearly establishing its creation allegory. Despite lacking in Christian morals and ethics, the monster is able to establish his own code of conduct through observation and imitation of others. It is important to note that his innate morality arises without any knowledge of God or a creator. This atheistic or secular perspective on inherent morality cannot overlook the influence of biblical and religious teachings, even in this aspect of the story.

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