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Make predictions about the story. Make connections to real life. Directions: You must annotate (underline or highlight) & take notes on the following points: 1 . At what moment in the story does the flashback begin? (What present event triggers the flashback? ) At what moment in the story are we back in present time? Flashbacks can serve several different purposes. For example, they can reveal a character’s past or explain the cause of an event. What purposes does the flashback in this story serve? 2.

Just before the flashback begins, there is a foreshadowing of what is about to happen in the present.

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Find the sentence in the fourth paragraph that foreshadows what is about to occur. Explain the clue. 3. List the details the narrator tells you about himself. Then, consider his actions. How would you characterize the narrator? 4. How would you describe Laika’s character? Are there points in the story where she seems more like a person than a dog? Explain your response.

5. The narrator has a terrible internal conflict to resolve in choosing between Laika and his career. Does the author suggest that the narrator’s decision was a mistake? Support your answer with details from the story. . Atthe end of the story, how does the narrator explain what happened in the lunar observatory? Do you think he really believes his own explanation? Why or why not? 7. What different meanings can you propose for the story’s title? 8. Does this story have something to say about love’s power to conquer even time? Explain what you think is the storys major revelation, or theme. 9. Reread the highlighted section of the text and identify the author’s diction/ word choice and sentence patterns. You can underline or highlight the words and sentence patterns that stand out to you.

Finally, complete the style nalysis chart below. Part II: Main Idea Directions: Reread the passage and ask yourself, “What is the main idea of the short story? ” Write your answer in the summary box. Remember the main idea is the topic + the author’s purpose. Summarize this excerpt in one sentence. Be specific and clearly explain the main idea. Directions: Complete the Style analysis chart for ONLY the excerpt provided in the box below. Make sure you annotate the passage in an effort to analyze the author’s style. Excerpt from “Dog Staff by Arthur C.

Clarke She was a beautiful animal, about ninety-five percent Alsatian. It was that issing five percent, imagine, that led to her being abandoned. (l still feel a surge of anger when I think of it, but since I shall never know the facts, I may be jumping to false conclusions. ) Apart from two dark patches over the eyes, most of her body was a smoky gray, and her coat was soft as silk. When her ears were pricked up, she looked incredibly intelligent and alert; sometimes would be discussing spectral types or stellar evolution with my colleagues, and it would be hard to believe that she was not following the conversation.

Even now, I cannot understand why she became so attached to me, for I have ade very few friends among human beings. Yet when returned to the Observatory after an absence, she would go almost frantic with delight, bouncing around on her hind legs and putting her paws on my shoulders”which she could reach quite easily”all the while uttering small squeaks of joy which seemed highly inappropriate from so large a dog. I hated to leave her for more than a few days at a time, and though I could not take her with me on overseas trips, she accompanied me on most of my shorter journeys.

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