On Being 17, Bright, and Unable to Read Sample

The article is called “On Being 17. Bright. and Unable to Read” by David Raymond. This writer tells his dyslexia experience how he felt through high school and tells people take easy to people who had dyslexia. One clip a replacement picked Raymond to read aloud from the text edition forepart of the schoolmate. but he told that he don’t want to read the book. The instructor acquiring mad because she think that he was moving smart so teacher want to see him after the category. He can’t read at a fourth- class degree. He can non read prep and new paper at all. His household get down suspect that he have a job. He wishes he was dead because he didn’t understand how to read. He can’t throw a ball. couldn’t learn how to swim and besides he can non larn how to sit the motorcycle. One clip instructors try to promoting spelling “cat” .

He felt abashing because he doesn’t cognize how to spell “cat so his schoolmate make merriment of him. When it his birthday. he did blew the taper and he wish that he desire to hold friends alternatively to larn how to read. However his life start to acquire felt better because instructors are assisting him. he did won a missive on cross-country squad besides he hold some friends. His abashed minute when he hold to travel to particular instruction category but his friend ask where he travel. he reply “to Mars”. In the terminal. He felt bravery because he knew that the well-known people who had same job like him and still can do it like Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

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I am strongly felt sorry for Raymond but in the some manner. I know he will be success. When I read this article and I knew he will be successful because when he was worry about what he will make after college and will be able to acquire hire while he can’t able to read but he said ” The lone thing that give me any bravery is the fact that I‘ve learned about well-known people who couldn’t read or had other jobs and still made it. Like Albert Einstein. who didn’t talk until he was 4 and flunked math. Like Leonardo district attorney Vinci. who everyone seems to believe had dyslexia” ( 200 ). From that Raymond statement. I know he won’t give up and to happen occupation and I know he will make good in his hereafter. The get downing tone of the article is misanthropic because when he said. “I wanted to decease. I’d come place from school shouting. I’m dumb. I’m dense – I wish I were dead” ( 198 ). He was in immature age; he couldn’t read so he knew that he had dyslexia. His schoolmate makes merriment of him.

His household suspects that Raymond is something incorrect in the school. However he start acquire better when his household and instructor do care about him. He said “Life began to alter a small for me so because I began to felt better about myself” ( 199 ) . He notice that instructor do care about him so they did assist him. What kinds occupation that Raymond will travel even though he can’t read good? The author did explicate clearly because he did explicate strongly thesis about his experience by dyslexia through high school. Raymond wants the reader to understand and take easy to pull the leg of who had dyslexia. I did larn from the article that I do understand what dyslexia mean and fi people do care about people who had the dyslexia and they will alter life to acquire better.

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