On My First Day Encounter With My Cooperating Teacher

My first week of my practice teaching my cooperating teacher, Ma’am Alona M. Tayao let me see and feel first the environment inside her classroom and observed the diversity of students. And then she introduced me in front of the class. She also thought me that to imposed class policies/ rules and routines at the very beginning of the class. During the first week of my observation I noticed her approach was not totally a high school setting approach for all know -1 2 is still under basic education.

She started the lesson with a review of the previous lesson and checking Of assignments then followed by introduction Of new topic. But before that she already wrote some information about the new topic and some question to be answer by the students. Afterwards she gave seat works and assignments. By the way, introducing a new topic she told us to not forget the significance of the purpose of the lesson about in real life. Although she encouraged her students to get involved in articipation, no offense but for me I find her strategy a bit likes.

Anyway somehow there were times she integrates joking times in terms of using popular “pick-up lines” to elicit boringness of the topic. She let couple of students to do that. The following days she let me handle her class without giving assistance only a module of what lesson to be thought. She just encouraged to do the same way but don’t imitate her as it is. She told me to make my own strategy on how to get the interest of the students in the lesson about.

At first, it’s hard for me because I still consider myself neophyte when it comes in teaching. The first time wrote on the board, I feel the pressure I don’t know what to do (hehe) Eventually I let myself improved those things above. I could be able to discuss well the lesson to my students. I feel so fulfilled whenever saw their full participation and when they ask queries that means showing that theyre interested to learn more. And knowing that they appreciated the way thought them means I was able to help them giving my best.

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