Othello as a Lover and Romantic Figure

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Othello’s speeches are covered with romantic and poetic glow and in his speeches we come across with an adventurous hero who grown up in the shade of romance, adventure, war and danger of lifeaction. Since his childhood days he had been a romantic adventurer who had seen the difficulties and bitter adventuruos experiences in far lands like all the other romantic heroes experienced. His poetic imagination remained with him throughout his life. He perceived thing with his poetic eyes c. He has felt strongly the poetry of pride, pomp and of glorious war. He is self-controlled, dignified and a great man nayurally humble but fully aware of his worth and duties. A person who had proud on his services to the state. Apparentely rough and tough person but inside it, a soft heartened man with poetic and romantic approach towards life. Like all the other romantic heroes he faced difficulties towards and at the end He got the love of a dream girl which was as strange as his any other portion of life.

When we talk about the Othello and Desdemona’s relationship, it is clear that Othello loved Desdemona to the core of his heart. They both equally attracted with each other. She was impressed by the story telling and the adventures of Othello and felt sympatatic with him. That sympathy and care moved inside the heart of Othello and the seed of love germinated in his heart. As he said ;

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She lov’d me foe the dangers i had pass’d

And I lov’d her did pity them

( Act 1, scene 3, page 167-169)

To give complete shape and expressions to his love, he bound himself to Desdemona in the sweet thread and bond of marriage. Othello always praised Desdemona in terms of her nature, calibre and variety like fair ccmplextion, good speech, sings and dances well. After marriage his first action of love spoke up when he requested senate to send his wife with him to Cyprus because the base of our relationship is developed on the basis of adventure stories and I do not want to make herself deprived of all the real happenings. He assured them this will not distracted him from his mission rather it will give him satisfaction that his love is with him . He did this also for the security of Desdemona because he did not want to leave her alone under the supervision of her father whom she left for the love of Othello. As he saidsais in senate of venice ;

No, when light wing’d toys

And feather’d cupid, toils with wanton dullness

My speculative and active instruments,

That my disports corrupt and taint my business

Let housewives make a skillet of my helm

( Act 1, scene 3, page 268-272 )

Othello found a missing love soul of himself in Desdemona. Their relaionship is not based upon the physical attraction but on the spirtual base and that becomes the meaning of life for him. That is why only the little sight of her made himself happy and full of passionate love. Her beauty evertime gave him a new joy.

O thou black weed, why art so lovely fair ?

Thou smell’st so sweet, that the senses aches at thee

( Act 4, scene 2, page 69-70 )

When we talk about the suspection part between their relationship, we can still find the love of Othello for Desdemona. Iago planted the tree of suspection in his heart against Desdemona but he was not ready to accept it at all firstly. Again and again, her beautiful face and thoughts tentered his mind and pushes out the evil thoughts from his brain and when he could not controll over them, he burst into tears.

‘ O Desdemona Away ! Away ! Away ! ‘

( Act 4, scene 2, line 42 )

Othello always called Desdemona as ‘ my gentle love ‘ and talked with her without any fear of words and hesitation. Even after Iago poured the poison of jealousy in the ear of Othello, he still loved her wife. He was not at all ready to accept that she can do such a sin and that was his love for Desdemona even in the worst situation. Due to this deep love and feelings, he cried out ;

If she be false, o, then heaven mocks itself,

I’ll not believe it

( Act 3, scene 3, page 282-283 )

Even he spoke harsh words to Iago for slandering Desdemona who was her love.

In last scenes when he got himself ready to kill Desdemona, suddenly his old love awkaned and tears came out of his eyes. Her beautiful fragrant, breath and beauty convinced him not to kill her and he kissed her again and again.

Once more ,

Be thus, when thou art dead, and I

Will kill thee,

And love thee after

( Act 5, scene 2, page 17-20 )

He weeps because he knows he is going to end his love story and living purpose of his life. He is killing his own pride by his own hands but he killed her by saying that it is for her better sake but actually was for his own honor and justice. After doing that he cried loudly.

My wife, my wife, what wife ? I ha’ no wife :

( Act 5, scene 2, line 96 )

But at the end when he came to know the reality and he cursed himself for killing an innocent lady.

Of one whose hand,

Like the base Indian, threw a pearl away

Richer than all his tribe.

( Act 5, scene 2, line 347-350 )

Othello is among one the best romantic characters of Shakespeare. He has all the attributes of a good lover. His love has all the basic elements of intense love except the only one – to look deeply into the soul of a woman whom he loved. He totally gave himself toyo Iago to drive him in any direction in which he wanted. This was his lack of wisdom that he distrusted the lady who left his father for him. He prefered Iago argument on Desdemona’s, his own love. He allowed the poison by Iago to come in their relationship and could not read between the linesline. Othello’s love was pure and deep but his approach to solve the matter was stupid which caused serious damage.

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