Outline for Bill Cosby Essay

William Henry Cosby Jr. (Bill Cosby) I. Bill Cosby a. Have you ever thought about what makes a person so historical in the world we live in? b. Well, everyone for my Biographical speech I had the pleasure of researching Bill Cosby. c. Bill Cosby is known for being an actor, comedian, and a television producer. II. Childhood a. As a child Bill had to take on the responsibility of being a parent when his father enlisted in the U. S. Navy. b. After dropping out of high school he too enlisted in the navy but soon later came back to earn his high school diploma and attended Temple University.

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III. Comedy/Television life a. Bill first started telling his jokes at a neighborhood cafe, his jokes made the crowds laugh till they were about to cry. Soon people were talking about him in every city; Cosby later appeared on “The Tonight Show” which introduced him to the national audience. b. In 1965, Bill was the first as an African American to star in the first prime-time television series “I Spy”. In 1984, he starred in his second series TV show the one that we all know and love still till this day “The Bill Cosby Show”, it was the number one show in its first season. IV. Giving back a.

Bill Cosby has hosted many events and donated money to many colleges. b. He loves to help children all over the country for example he has created many books to help teach little kids to observe the world they live in. V. Why Bill Cosby? a. In conclusion Bill Cosby has contributed a lot to making the world better, and his TV “The Cosby Show” has showed portrayed black families in a really positive way, which I respected. He is that type of person when you hear his voice you just have to smile, he has been an example to many people. His creativity, jokes and looks will never be replaced and forever live on.

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