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Pantheon vs. Parthenon

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Pantheon vs. Parthenon
The Pantheon and the Parthenon have been studied for thousands of years as two of the most influential and advanced designs of their time. Coming from different cultures and eras, both structures are as similar as they are different. The architecture of these buildings have been copied and edited in various places around the world. The influence of the temples is present throughout architectural history and will be for time to come.

The Pantheon is one of the greatest Roman architectural achievements.

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Pantheon vs. Parthenon
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The circular temple includes a Roman dome, a portico, and Corinthian columns supporting the pediments. The structure is made out of granite, marble, concrete, and brick. The Pantheon was originally built by Marcus Agrippa in 27 BC as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome, but was destroyed because of poor building skills. It was later rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian and made a Christian church in 126 AD. Today, the temple is used as a Roman Catholic Church, which was established during the Italian Renaissance.

This temple epitomizes the grandeur of the Romans and the strong influence they had from the Greeks.

The Parthenon was built between 447 to 438 BC by Iktinos and Kalikrates for the goddess Athena in Athens, Greece. A wild fire burned it down partially in the 3rd century BC but it did not stop it from functioning as a temple until the emperor Theodosius II commanded all pagan temples to be closed down. Theodosius II converted the temple into a Christian church and brought the figure of Athena to Constantinople. The Parthenon was destroyed even more during the battle between the Venetians and the Turks in the Renaissance while it was being used as shelter. After 150 years of abandonment, the temple became a historical landmark once Greece became independent. The Parthenon is easily recognized as the most important temple made by the Greeks and signifies the advances of the time.

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The Pantheon and the Parthenon are ancient temples dedicated to mythological gods. Both structures became Christian churches early on, and later became Roman Catholic churches in the Middle Ages. The Pantheon utilizes traditional Greek architecture, seen in the Parthenon, in its entrance. Both
buildings use eight columns to support their pediments. The Pantheon and the Parthenon are both extremely influential architecturally, and are recognized as one of the most important structures of the ancient world. The temples although parallel, are very much analogous.

The Roman Pantheon and the Greek Parthenon have impacted the history of social design diversely. The temples have been credited countless times due to their timeless designs. Visually and architecturally, the structures are immensely comparable and have been debated together time and time again. Their simple beauty will forever continue to intrigue the eyes of architects and historians.

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