Parental Propert Right for Daughters in Nepal

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Rights on the ancestral property i. e great grand fathers property after their death of after marriage for daughters. “The devolution of property on the death of its owner or property beneficaryreceives from the estate of a deceased person”. Parental property right is a natural right which is coming from many eras . even in the royal family ,after the death of the king crowned prince were made king because its a natural and birth right. Any children of own blood can claim for the property with their family members either its son or daughter. According to the commencement of the Hindu Amendment Act 2005 for daughters, . By birth one become a coparcencer in her own right in the same manner as the son b. have the same rights in the coparcenary property as she would have had if she had been a son c. Be subject to the same liabilities in respect of the said coparcenary probably as that of son Most of the experts had belived that women are iliterated and are subjected to voilence due to economic dependences. Such dependences had taken a place of legel war as inheritance of parental property. Even Nepal is only the country where thedaughter in law can claim for the property if needs to be get divorced.

Parents of boy have to sell their propertyto pay the divorced daughter in law in any way. file against her father and two brothers for the property In the present context, daughters are getting the parental property according to the parental property law for daughters. Section 16 of the chapter on partition of the existing National code of 1963 which states a daughter is entitled to inherit parental property if she is unmarried till 35 years of age and have to return reducing dowry and marriage amount to the parents if married then. But yet the sons are supposed to be inferior to daughters.

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As so on there are two dozens of laws discrimination laws between the genders ie against women. Nepal’s Supreme court says,”granting equal rights to daughters” but still it had not any affect on the society . Daughters are deprived from their rights and duties . Many of the opponents had claimed for not giving the parental propery to the daughters because it could destabilise the social system. Parents instead of sending daughters to school are firstly pulled to help in work around the house. Inspite of cultral diversity, land resources of inheritance are directly offered to sons where womens are still lagging behind.

Devi maya Dahal of khedang -4 in Taplejung had cased a file against her father and two brothers in apellate court but the opponents had did the court-out settlement with one lakh rupee as a parental property. This case proves that how much daughters are supressed by some of the corrupted peoples of the society. Even small property earned by the daughters dont have right to take any decision based on it. Either she had to consult her father or her husband if married then. In the comparision of the literacy ,less than 25% of theadult females are literated in 55%.

Its totaly unbalanced in society in providing education to the daughters the its very far to have such daughters in having property right in parents. Rights and duties are made for every individual of the state . It’s not made on the basis of discriminating. Itsdaughters birth right to get parental propertyas sons get. As daughters are loved one of her family specially to her fathers. Mostly daughters doesn’t use their rights unnecessarily specially of the paarents. Married daughters property are also used by their their inlaws and her husband. They generally dont misuse thier parental property .

According to experts , its heart to heart relation of daughters with their parents. Daughters always tries to save her family in any difficulties. None of the daughter would like to have unnessary use of the materials available in their surroundings. Daughters afters marriage would also be in attached with the parents proprty. It would help her to know about economic cnditions of her family in any conditions. She could claim for the property in the sense if parental property is in any legal conditions not availabel for the family. Its very hard in protecting daughter’s right in epalese society because it is based on the social traditions ,customs,religions. Equality in gender helps alot in the developments of the country and human thinking. It makes daughters to be selfdependent and pratical in personal life. Inheritance propety right will help to end the dowry system and stop child marriage system as still prevailing in most of the urban areas due to lack of awareness about daughters right in their parents property. Economic security would help to fell independent and secured . During some years most of the daughters are caring her family members instead of marrying.

Though sons belived to be superior to daughters , daughters are well caretaking of parents compared with sons. Most of the experts had belived that women are iliterated and are subjected to the domestic voilence due to economic dependences. Such rights helps to stop servere crime as murdering daughter-in-law due to cause of dowry . Rights infavour of daughters increases the participating capacity interally to them. Strengthen the capacity of women’s coalitions to enable rural women to claim their rights and fight institutions of patriarchy.

It encourages dughters to become self-relaint and perhaps even right to choos their own life partner. One would have capacity to do the good things for ones future. It reduces the dominance , child labour, prostitute cases, in short investing in women is central to sustainable development. It had various specalised areas for the development of the country . dparental proprty right includes the family background and its stastus in the society . so daughters should get the right as son gets in the inheritnce property.

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