The Four Dimensions Of Parenting Style Are Warmth, Discipline, Communication, And:

Parenting Styles There are four different parenting styles, each of which with their very own interesting description. The four include, Authoritarian, Permissive, Authoritative, and Neglectful or the “Uninvolved”. A young woman by the name of Danna Banding conducted a study on young children their parents in 1967. The first type of style introduced in this study is Authoritarian parenting; these are the parents that tend to be strict and demanding. They have a lot of set rules that the children know they must follow.

Even though these types of parents like things done the way they say to do it with no questions asked, they are also very loving and affectionate when things are done as they want them. Though to most parents this seems like the best way to raise their kids, it may not be, this style Of parenting tends to make their children fear them and may often push them away. The permissive parents you tend to see the children making their own decisions at very young ages. These are the parents described as the “push over”.

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The children often get their way by begging or whining. With this type of parent there are little to no rules enforced and discipline is hardly enforced. As a result of this the children will develop poor self control and may carry this into adulthood. The next type of parenting is the Authoritative parent. These are the parents that take traits from both the Authoritarian and Permissive styles. Yes they may have their own set rules but they also allow their children to make some of their own decisions with supervision.

Of all types of parenting the Authoritative style would be the one to show the most love and encouragement. These parents are the ones aware of their children’s interest and such, most researchers suggest that parents use this method of parenting is proven to be the most effective. The offspring of these parents are likely to have high self esteem and are very self controlled. The last style in this study would be the neglectful (uninvolved). These are the parents that are the most uninvolved in their children’s lives.

There are not many ales in these households, which leads to bad behavior. The children in these in these homes tend to have lots of problems as they get older. This would be the most ineffective way of parenting and researchers wouldn’t advise you to use this style. It is also not advised that you switch styles back and forth; it is recommended that you choose one of the first four and stick with it.

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