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Permissive Parenting Style Definition

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  • Pages 2
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    All parents have their own ideas on how children should be raised. Some of these parenting styles can have negative repercussions; while others will mold their children to be successful in the future. I have chosen to break them down to three basic parenting styles: Authoritarian, permissive, and democratic. The first style of parenting is authoritative. In this style parents tend to be extremely strict, and expect their children to be obedient. Authoritarian parents’ main focus is that the child does what they are told, and it is not necessarily always what the child wants.

    This can lead to the child either being too passive with low self-esteem, or on the other end of the spectrum; they can turn rebellious. The second style is permissive. Permissive parents practically let the children have control, giving them too many choices. There is little to no punishment for bad behavior, because they don’t want to get too involved. This could lead children to crave constant attention. It could also lead to them become a bully to other kids because they won’t be punished. The final style of parenting is democratic. This style f parenting is neither too strict, nor too submissive.

    Democratic parents help children to be responsible, and think about the consequences of their behavior. They are given reasons and consequences for their actions, and typically will set more realistic expectations from their children. They get involved and set boundaries, without being too strict. This type of parenting leads children to perform well socially, have high self esteem and do well in school. While it’s good to be strict at times, and to let this things slide here and there, children still need structure at the end of the day.

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