Children Raised With An Authoritarian Style Of Parenting Are Often

Pa renting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing. There are many differing theories and opinions on the best ways to rear children, as well as differing levels of time and effort that parents are willing to invest. Parental investment starts soon after birth. Many parents create their own style from a combination of factors, and these may evolve over time as the children develop their own personalities and move through life’s stages. [original research? Parenting style is affected by both the parents’ and children’s temperaments, and is argyle based on the influence of one’s own parents and culture. “Most parents learn parenting practices from their own parents -? some they accept, some they discard. “[l] The degree to which a child’s education is part of parenting is a further matter of debate. Authoritative Parenting The question of successful parenting has forever elicited contentious response from the parents and the experts alike, with the final ruling being as ambiguous as the concern itself.

Parenting is no child’s play and it takes responsible hands and a seasoned attitude to rear a kid into sensible, impotent, polished adult. So what makes parenting so challenging today? Well, blame it on the shifting trend, enhanced exposure or increased awareness, today’s kids are a far cry from their former generations. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today’s children are tyrants – they oppose their parents, gobble their food and tyrannies to quench their desires. Their list of wants is plainly inexhaustible that just seems to amplify over time.

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While some parents pamper their child rotten, others tend to behave like a drill sergeant, both extreme measures that often yield little or no results. It is important to know when to draw the string and it is here that the importance of authoritative parenting steps in. Understand that no matter how defiant or diffident your child maybe, a sensible dealing is all that is required to get him back to track. Authoritative parents are those who know to control children without being seemingly tyrant. They give their kids space, but know where to draw the line. To educate yourself more on authoritative parenting, read on.

Advantages Of Authoritative Parenting ; Authoritative parenting is one of the better known ways of rearing up the ids, without going too high on liberty or discipline. Authoritative parents know where to draw the line and often demonstrate their affections or discontentment sensibly. ; Because of its inherent flexible nature, authoritative parenting clicks with most kids, whether shy or gregarious. An authoritative parent knows to deal prudently with all problems by staying firm, both in love and authority. This helps the child to understand the need for compromise and flexibility. ; Authoritative parents are never tyrant or softies.

They are, in fact, a rare mix of both firmness and understanding that alps them connect better with their kids, while asserting and maintaining a fairly high level of expectations and guidelines. This well-balanced attitude helps them to handle even the most difficult kids, effectively. ; One of the best things about authoritative parenting style is that it helps the parents to chalk out clear, fair and flexible behavioral rules for their kids, depending on their kid’s temperament and delicateness of the situation. ; An authoritative parent is an emphatic listener, who knows that his relationship with his child is a mutual one.

He is respecting and encouraging and motivates the child to become responsible by allowing the child to make his own decisions. An authoritative parent is never game for arbitrary rules. ; An authoritative parent is always a man of examples, who understands his responsibility as a role-model for his child. However, he understands the incapacitates of human efforts too and is never shy to apologize when at wrong, something that helps his child know that he is being treated fairly. ; An authoritative parent usually has healthy relationship with his children.

He is warm, friendly and respectful and knows to deal with disagreements, without offending the tender emotions of his child. This gives the children a sense of security and lets them know that no matter what they do or say, they are loved and appreciated by their parents. ; The authoritative parents understand the need for change and thus flex the freedoms to meet the child’s growing sense of autonomy. This helps the children develop into mature, responsible and trustworthy individuals. ; Due to love and mutual respect, chances of disagreement and inflict are very minimal in an authoritative household.

Authoritative parenting is strictly against the idea of punishment and rather bets on logical reasoning and understanding to sort out the differences and mend ways. Disadvantages Of Authoritative Parenting ; Although touted as one of the better styles of parenting, authoritative parenting too has its share of flip-flops. Agreed, that authoritative parenting is all mutual and rewarding for both the parent and the child. However, in this form of parenting there are chances of the child turning into a rebel and owing completely against the wishes of his parents. Another possible drawback of this form of parenting style is that in case of a dispute or crises situation, the parent may switch on to a more dominating role, thereby confusing and annoying the children, which might lead to a rift between the two. ; In this style of parenting, the parents can bend the rules to suit the situation, which might at times contradict with the whims of the child, leaving him viewing his parents more of an authority figure than a friend. This feeling can defeat the very aim of authoritative parenting.

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