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bring this message to the medical community, he starts studying medicine. Eager to test his new theories, Adams begins interacting with patients at the university hospital he is studying at, even though students are not supposed to see patients until their third year of schooling. He is even excluded from school when he prank doctors at a medical conference. Patch also convinces two of his classmates to join him in the establishment of a free clinic where they start practicing medicine based on love, but without a license. Unfortunately, the medical and scientific community does not appreciate his methods of healing the sick, and that is when he has to give an impassioned speech before a council of doctors about the right way to treat patients according to his believes, in order to graduate as a doctor. Patch Adams starts his speech by answering questions to the council of doctors, his opening remarks are answers and questions to the council in order to point out the difference between what is the role of a doctor to the eyes of the council, and what is an authentic doctor to his eyes. He has a great confidence level, the spark he has in his eyes and his face show passion and strong emotions for what he is stating; his eyes connect to the council and the audience, his voice is strong and secure.

Patch uses gestures to emphasize his message, he nods his head approving his ideas, opening his arms widely condemning what is wrong and giving strength to his words; he also points out nurses in the public to gain attention on them, and a reflection is implicit. At the beginning of the speech his tone of voice is humble, asking for understanding. He starts using a low pitch, but by the middle when he is talking to the medical students his pitch becomes louder, demanding, determine. The rate of his presentation is also particular; in order to be understood by the council his rate is slow, going faster when he starts exhorting the audience to fight for their identity as doctors; also when he states his ideas of what it takes to be a real doctor his rate is fast giving his speech strength and reliability. The use of technical language, the absence of vocalized pauses, and the fluency of his words gives his speech integrity and show the audience that who is talking is a fine prepared individual, confident and bright. His posture is significant for the reaction of the audience and the council. Patch is standing straight, his head up, his shoulders relaxed, he makes good eye contact with the audience; assuring confidence, trustworthiness to his presentation. He is also dressed up properly, wearing a comfortable suit which makes him look relaxed and confident.

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At the beginning the audience is quiet, attentive, listening every word he has to say; wondering how he is going to poof his ideas. As he goes along with his presentation the audience start to admire and embrace his work; they start moving around, looking at each other, identifying with Patch’s words. At the end the audience praised him with applauses and cheers for being so eloquent and convincing. Applauses implying support and agreement. It is very important how the audience perceived Patch’s credibility; they reacted on his favor because they perceived him as honest and credible. Thanks to the speaker’s performance and the way the audience perceived him as reliable the purpose of the speech is achieved. Starting with a relaxed posture, followed by the changes in the tone of voice, accompanied by a good eye contact with the listeners, and finishing with an excellent reaction of an audience in favor of the speaker, I can conclude this speech is representative of the effectiveness of a well delivered speech.

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