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    Compared to the Thai Baht. whose value was about equal to the Philippine Peso before 1980. now. its exchange rate had similarly diminished. but merely up to Bh 35. 00 to the US dollar. as against our P51. 65 per dollar. On the other manus. another Asiatic neighbour. Japan. had shown gradual grasp of its currency from P 0. 03 twenty old ages ago to P 0. 54 at nowadays. What are the factors for these disagreements? And what are the causes that brought the gradual diminution of the Philippine Peso? CAUSES OF PESO DEVALUATION

    In the beginning. the Filipino Peso was tantamount to US $ 1. 00. Harmonizing to official beginnings. the Philippines foremost experient devaluation of its currency in 1934 when the United States was undergoing the worst economic crisis in history – the Great Depression. Since our currency was pegged to the US dollar so. when the US authorities passed the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 which devalued the US dollar. the peso was accordingly devalued at P 2. 00 to US $ 1. 00.

    Then. on November 8. 1965. the International Monetary Fund officially reduced the gold contents of the peso by half. thereby deprecating its value to P 3. 95 per dollar. This action by the IMF was best described by Filipino economic expert Dr. Gregorio S. Miranda: “For rather some clip. the Philippines was in a province of pecuniary crisis brought approximately. among others. by authorities overspending particularly for intents of political expedience or economic jussive moods. . In order to salvage itself from bankruptcy. the authorities had to buoy itself up by seeking loans for loans about to maturate by the terminal of 1969. The authorities did. and in so making. in consequence. surrendered its pecuniary sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund from which it sought and got a 3rd tranche. or a loan to cover a old loan about to maturate so. The drifting rate is thereby the merchandise of the IMF’s attempt to reconstitute our foreign duties premised on certain conditions” .

    Therefore. on February 21. 1970. the Central Bank promulgated CB Circular No. 289 which allowed the peso to drift and seek its true market value. This created an addition in the monetary values of imported goods. and locally produced goods with imported constituents. Finally. by June 1983. the Central Bank devalued the peso to P 11. 00 to a dollar. After four months. on October 5. 1983. the peso was further devaluated with a rate of P 14. 00 per US $ 1. 00. This ulterior depreciation was decided upon. when the balance of payments shortage increased out of the blue by $ 800 million by the 3rd one-fourth of 1983. and the Central Bank could no longer afford to finance farther shortages.

    There was no clear cause as to the devaluation of the peso from P 14. 00 to P 25. 75 during the Aquino Administration. but the US stock market crisis in 1987 may keep the key to our apprehension. Called the Black Monday. a autumn in stock market monetary values in the United States on October 29. 1987 created turbulencies in the universe capital markets. It triggered a fiscal crisis around the universe including London and Tokyo. it was a universe economic crisis. The same thing happened in 1997-1998 when Asia experienced a fiscal crisis which shook and rocked monetary values of half the world’s currencies. and brought the peso value down to P 28. 00 per US dollar.

    The recent P 50. 00 per dollar exchange rate is the consequence of the maturing of our IMF and World Bank loans which had already ballooned to $ 66 Billion in 2004.

    These are merely the direct accounts as to why the value of the peso is bit by bit deprecating. However. there are still some implicit in factors that had brought about these events.

    The Effect Of A Strong Peso On Growth


    Strong Peso may impact exports and growing.

    The Philippine peso has been merchandising at a four twelvemonth high for the past few yearss. with the local currency opening today at P41. 49 pesos against the dollar. Analysts note that this will cut down the fight of Philippine exports. denting the country’s growing.

    “The consequence of a strong peso on growing is negative. ” Benjamin Diokno. economic science professor at the University of the Philippines. said in an interview.

    The a “strong rebound” for the export sector is improbable owing to go oning failing of the planetary economic system and the unabated strengthening of the local currency. Diokno said

    The export sector. which accounts for 40 per centum of the Philippine gross domestic merchandise. is forecast to turn 10 per centum this twelvemonth. This is a turnaround from last year’s failing. with export grosss falling by every bit much as 27. 4 per centum in September 2011. a biennial low. Exports were cited as one of the factors that slowed last year’s GDP to 3. 6 per centum.

    “The strong peso will do exports expensive and imports cheap. This can run out foreign militias and worsen balance of trade. ” Cid Terosa. economic expert at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

    Terosa added this is farther aggravated by the diminution in the export of electronic merchandises – the country’s top export earner – owing to a planetary lag.

    2. Social Issues / Economic Effects Of The Foreign Exchange Rate Economic Effects Of The Foreign Exchange Rate

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    Printable Version Essay: Economic Effectss Of The Foreign Exchange Rate

    IntroductionThis paper tackles the effects of the foreign exchange rate as a whole and how it affects the state and at the same clip how it gets affected. This paper enumerates the advantages and disadvantages of holding a strong Peso. The paper besides discusses what factors affect the strengthening and weakening of the Philippine Peso. This paper besides includes an in depth analysis of how the foreign exchange could impact and gets affected by the economic system. the society and political relations. Overview

    The Philippine exchanged rate is express in footings of one unit of dollar versus one unit of peso. There are two instances on how an exchanged rate would be determined the first system is the free drifting exchange rate where the supply and demand force of the market is the index and the other system is the fixed exchange rate given straight by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The free drifting exchange rate would be given more consideration since it’s the system that largely affect our economic system and being supported by BSP adopted since 1970. In the instances when the demand and supply is non stable. the BSP has the authorization to come in and supply counsel in the market to forestall the volatility effects in the exchange rate fluctuations that affects rising prices. They besides fixed steadfastly the demands for foreign currency by supplying liquidness when required. This system applied in the Philippines is consistent with its end to take external fight through market efficiency. Peso grasp provides legion benefits on our economic system like take downing inflationary outlooks or force per unit areas and added extra nest eggs resulted from foreign debt service but it besides negatively affects the export market and the donees of the remittals given by the OFW. The peso continues to fight in the twelvemonth 2005 but compared to 2004 it appreciated by 1. 72 % .

    The factors that affect the peso and assist increase the standing of our economic system are the remittals by the Overseas Filipino Workers on different states around the universe. The addition degree of foreign investors who are willing to give up their money to set up concern in the Philippines due to high degree. assurance given to our authorities by the new policies implemented RVAT is besides one of the strong factors that affects peso. The RVAT jurisprudence includes the recognition evaluation given by the foreign recognition research workers ( S & A ; P and Filtch ) now includes Philippines in the list of the states. intending the degree of credibleness given to us increase when it comes to managing debts. Those scenario mentioned fundamentally appreciates the value of peso against the US Dollar. Looking on the negative factors. an addition affects chiefly the export concern in the market because of the unfavourable influence on the productiveness and degree of investing every bit good as the political disturbance that creates a large impact on the peso depreciation.

    The stairss taken by The BSP in order to stabilise the foreign exchange market during the twelvemonth 2005 are increasing the involvement rates to 25 footing points to deconcentrate the possible hazards to rising prices outlooks. The needed militias are besides increased by one per centum that resulted to ten per centum from nine per centum. this execution would wipe up up excess peso liquidness that has a connexion on inflationary impact this took consequence last July 15. 2005. Currency Risk Protection Program was made this is a plan where corporate and foreign exchange investors purchase foreign exchange from Bankss at preset rate in the hereafter through this said CRPP it would decrease force per unit area on the exchange rate.

    In the twelvemonth 2006 the BSP implemented extra steps in 2006 to better its foreign exchange ordinances through Round 507 and Round 519. Round 507 ( dated 19 January 2006 ) required any individual who brings into or out of the Philippines foreign currency. every bit good as other foreign exchange-denominated carrier pecuniary instruments. to declare the same in composing and to supply information on the beginning and intent of the conveyance of such currency or pecuniary instrument. Meanwhile. Round 519 ( 16 March 2006 ) amended the ordinances on foreign ( italic paragraph commendation hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bsp. gov. ph/downloads/Publications/FAQs/exchange. pdf. ) The authorities is anticipating to keep the strength of the Philippine peso in the twelvemonth 2006 even though there’s a present precariousness in the fiscal markets. It is expected that the peso would give to external dazes like the country’s stable macroeconomic basicss: national authorities financial policies where it would go on to back up the peso. continuation influx of remittals from OFW. direct foreign investings including exports that’s being presently worked out by the authorities. STATISTICS

    By the twelvemonth 2005. the Philippine Peso appreciated by 1. 72 % . diminishing from P56. 04 per dollar in 2004 to P55. 09 per dollar in 2005. During the first five months of the twelvemonth 2005. an grasp of 2. 35 % was exhibited averaging to P54. 75 per dollar. However. by the month of June. the Peso started to deprecate making its lowest point in 2005 at P56. 32 per dollar on July 8 which continued to the month of September. This was caused by the oil monetary value hikings and outlooks of U. S Fed rate hiking. Even so. during the last one-fourth of 2005. the Peso recovered and closed at P53. 06 per dollar. the highest since May 2003. In 2006. the peso continued to appreciate making to an norm of P51. 83 per dollar for the first 4 months. Within these 4 months. the peso has been fluctuating due to the political events that have occurred. However. the peso strengthened making an norm of P50. 96 per dollar due to the sustained dollar influxs from the Overseas Filipino Workers’ remittals and the investings from China. Singapore. Japan and other states as good.

    By May. the peso depreciated as it reached to an norm of P52 per dollar ; And by June. dropped to P53. 59 per dollar. This was caused by the Higher hazard antipathy in the planetary markets and the possible addition of the Federal Reserve Bank’s involvement rate. Conversely. the peso appreciated by 1. 66 % making to a degree of P52. 31 per dollar on June and closed at P51. 97 per dollar on July 25. after the president’s State of the Nation Address. And by August. it reached to a P51. 33 per dollar rate. increasing by 1. 90 % from its old rate. Due to the increasing assurance by investors and bettering economic conditions. the peso further increased its value and reached to an mean rate of P50. 37 per dollar in September and P49. 91 in early October. the highest degree since 2002. Volatility during the twelvemonth 2006:

    Due to oil monetary value axial rotation dorsums and the blessing of the RVAT jurisprudence. the peso’s volatility improved early in January 2006 averaging P0. 19. It continued its tendency in March to an norm of P0. 13. However. the peso’s volatility increased to P0. 30 in April and P0. 59 in May which was caused by the depreciation of the value of the currency. In June. volatility decreased to P0. 23. This was attributable to the addition of the country’s GDP by 5. 5 % in the 2nd one-fourth of 2006. But it rose once more in July to an norm of P0. 43. This was based on the peso devaluation making P53 per dollar. On August. Volatility decreased to an norm of P0. 21. Factors such as the lessening in financial shortage by 57. 67 % for the first 8 months of 2006 compared to the first 8 months of 2005. and the addition in the Gross International Reserves ( GIR ) by 0. 72 % higher than that of July-2006. were attributed to the lessening of volatility. As the peso continued to toughen. the volatility decreased to an norm of P0. 16 in September. However. as of October 9. 2006. the dollar devaluated from a degree of P49. 908 to P53. 587. This has caused its volatility to increase to an tremendous P0. 89. The volatility of the peso was caused by different factors that strengthened and weakened the economic system. These strengths are:

    A. Sustained dollar influxs from abroad remittals such as OFW remittals. export net incomes and foreign direct investings. Foreign capital influxs increased during the First General Corporation’s. the Philippines’ third largest power manufacturer. initial public offering and Universal Robina’s extra stock offers. B. The government’s high dollar militias and direct investings. C. Improved investor assurance. Instigated by the lower-than-expected authorities budget shortage of P146. 5 billion in 2005 compared with the programmed shortage of P180 billion. This was on history of higher grosss and tighter disbursement. The development of macroeconomic basicss. bettering financial place and strong economic growing caused the security by investors. D. Implementation of Key Economic Reforms. The execution of he RVAT Law. E. Credit evaluation mentality ascents. From negative. the Philippines’ recognition evaluation was improved to a stable evaluation by S & A ; P and Fitch. And the determination of CaLPERS’ ( California Public Employees Retirement System ) to include the Philippines in its list of allowable investing markets appreciated the local currency. F. Increase in the net foreign portfolio investings. This was accredited to the overall positive reaction in the market due to the betterment in the government’s financial place. and led the stock market trading to heave to its highest degree in the last 6 old ages. These failings are:

    A. Higher oil monetary values in the economic system.B. Political convulsion. The impeachment instance against President Arroyo threatened to eliminate the political stableness of the Philippines. which investors are afraid of. C. Credit downgrades by international recognition evaluation bureaus. These weaknesses wholly created market apprehensivenesss that caused some possible investors to endorse out. D. The undertaking involvement rate derived function between local and foreign involvement rates ( following the series of US Federal Reserves’ rate accommodations ) . This made the cost of puting in the Philippines. if non expensive. less cheap from the cost of puting in foreign states. which have a more stable economic and political standing. IMPACT ON THE ECONOMY. SOCIETY AND POLITICS

    Foreign Exchange could significantly act upon an economic system of a state in different facets. Changes in the Foreign Exchange rate straight affects the public presentation value of the Philippine Peso and in bend be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the sector being affected. For the Philippine Peso to be considered an advantage. first demand is that the Philippine Peso should be strong against the US dollar. It doesn’t truly follow that the currency will merely take to be strong against the US Dollar but it is merely the most common and traditionally used exchange rate footing. Two Factors that contribute to the strengthening of the Philippine Peso is the sustained investing an influx in the state in which brings in more US Dollars and other currencies every bit good as the remittals of the OFW’s. An advantage of a strong Philippine Peso which benefits the general public assistance of Filipino’s shacking in the state is that a strong currency dampens the rising prices force per unit areas originating from imported trade goods which in most 3rd universe states. there are more imports than exports due to the deficiency of competitory advantage in bring forthing and fabricating the goods that are presently being imported. An of import trade good being imported by the state is oil which is a really valuable and indispensable to the state.

    In the last one-fourth of the twelvemonth 2005. domestic monetary values of Diesel and gasolene were rolled back 6 times which one factor of such diminution was the grasp of the Philippine Peso. The monetary values of oil is really critical in the economic system particularly in the Philippines since higher oil monetary values leads to higher costs of operations which could impact monetary values of manufactured goods and would badly be a disability since our fabrication industry is non that strong compared to our neighbouring states in Asia like Thailand which is get downing to be a fabrication human dynamo pulling planetary trade names particularly tire makers since Thailand has developed a competitory advantage of bring forthing gum elastic which is a really boring procedure and besides holding higher costs of oil would turn off foreign investors in puting since a sound man of affairs would wish to minimise costs and maximise net incomes. Having oil monetary values limited to a tolerable monetary value would be a compensation to state the least to the fabrication disability that our state is into since in footings of electricity monetary values. the state is 2nd in the part with surging electric monetary values at the same clip labour in the state can non vie with china’s labour force.

    Taking note of the period in which the grasp of the Philippine peso affected monetary value axial rotation back of oil imports. we could confidently reason that the last one-fourth of every twelvemonth is the start and peep of the remittals from the OFW’s and by being able to convey down oil monetary values and to control up rising prices as a whole. one could merely conceive of how much impact the remittals give. The tendency of the last one-fourth last twelvemonth is besides go oning as of late in the state wherein every hebdomad gasolene companies declare monetary value cuts on oil. The 2nd advantage of a strong Philippine peso which benefits from a strong foreign exchange rate is the nest eggs it brings to the debt service of the authorities which is truly aching the state and a factor in impeding the company to travel frontward. The grasp of the Philippine Peso would intend that it would diminish the Peso equivalent of the country’s liabilities with other states.

    Harmonizing to the BSP web site. for the twelvemonth ended 2005. the strengthening of the Philippine Peso led to pecuniary nest eggs of about PHP 1. 6 Billion and for the current twelvemonth. experts forecasts that for every PHP 1 grasp would give PHP 2. 2 Billion in nest eggs from debt service. The state should capitalise from the twelvemonth 2005’s strong public presentation this twelvemonth since possible nest eggs per centum rose because of the shutting strength of the Philippine Peso during 2005. For the first months for the twelvemonth 2006. the Philippine Peso has been averaging PHP53. 67 to $ 1 and as of the terminal of November ; the peso is already playing around the PHP 48/PHP 49 degree. Establishing the premises given by the BSP. an norm of PHP 3 grasp has already been incurred and it could perchance hold output PHP 8. 8 Billion in debt service nest eggs. This advantage is really polar non merely economic system wise but societal wise since nest eggs from debt service would be infused to other undertakings like wellness and instruction which ideally should acquire the biggest ball of the budget but unhappily it merely gets the crumbs since bulk of the budget goes to debt serving alone which could truly intend dead advancement to the other facets of society.

    The debt job of our state has been an age old job and the side effects of which are now being felt by sectors being sacrificed to prioritise the debt job. Education quality has gone down exponentially in footings of quality per centum. Another advantage of a strong Philippine Peso is that it would reflect a robust economic system for the state which could leverage itself to pull foreign investors in the state which could supply important influxs for investings to the state fostering bettering the economic system. A positive mentality is really of import to a state to seek investors to demo assurance in puting to state since their mentality would be one of the considerations investors would see. The first thing that an investor would desire to cognize is that if they would acquire their coveted rate of return at a certain period of clip. Confronting uncertainnesss and hazards. investors would wish to garner every bit much information to aide them to their determination doing minimising uncertainnesss and factors such as oil monetary values. stableness of the authorities and the economic system are some of the preliminary facts to see. If from these preliminary factors as state fails to affect investors. of import investing influxs would be traveling to some where else.

    It affects the foreign exchange since as we have stated earlier. foreign investings helps the Peso appreciate. The Filipino Daily Inquirer published in their December 1 2006 paper that concern assurance. which reflects aliens mentalities to the state. has soared to a 5 and a half twelvemonth high of 49 % compared to merely 22 % a one-fourth ago. Another mentality factor that could impact the foreign exchange market is the recognition evaluation by houses such as S & A ; P and filch. These houses are well-thought-of houses and dependable so anything that they print would be taken earnestly by interested parties. A recognition downgrade by these bureaus affects the Peso negatively as it gives of a bad image of the state to interested investors but at the same clip a positive evaluation would assist the Peso strengthen. Just like the OFW’s. investings from aliens better and assist peso grasp and by and large the economic system as a whole. Having brilliant Dollar influx allows the BSP to increase international militias of debt controling down Peso devaluation and helping to Peso grasp. Government and political relations can besides impact how the Peso will execute in the fiscal markets where their action instantly affects the strength of the Peso.

    The destabilization secret plan. mass meetings and the hullo Garci dirt are some of the political events wherein such negative events instantly dragged the Peso down the following trading twenty-four hours. on the other manus. when Congress approved the EVAT jurisprudence. a positive consequence was created to the Peso since this shows the government’s committedness to avoid a financial shortage and at the same clip better the country’s fundss which resulted positively since the authorities has been consistent in run intoing their mark of extinguishing shortage. This intelligence of improved financial status creates a positive image to the state and boosts the economic system. Another event which political relations have contributed to a positive image which increases assurance from investors is the Rate and efficiency of revenue enhancement aggregation which once more has been really positive. For the first 9 months of the twelvemonth. the authorities has posted important sums of excesss. intending income is greater than disbursement. and at the same clip has been consistent with run intoing its aggregation marks.

    Investors consider political stableness as a critical cog in decided whether to put in the state or non because they would desire to cognize if the needed Torahs that benefits the economic system and concern as a whole are being looked upon. Like the RVAT which instantly addressed a crisis. the politicians acted utilizing political powers vested with them to reply the demand of such jurisprudence to profit the economic system. In current scene. authorities and political relations are to assist hike the economic system with the sign language of the bio fuel act. By mere passing of this jurisprudence. the authorities can hike the economic system and farther encouragement the Peso’s strength in in two ways. First is that it helps the agribusiness industry by making demand for agribusiness merchandises specifically coconut. It besides would impact the stock market since companies to be benefited by the jurisprudence would go hot points on the stock market given the jurisprudence would give them a profitable mentality therefore doing the market active. The bio fuel jurisprudence would necessitate major all gasolene manufacturers be mandated to intermix their merchandises with 5 % bio ethyl alcohol for the first three months bit by bit increasing the blending ratio by every bit much as 30 % after 5 old ages.

    Bio ethyl alcohol is one of many alternate fuels being looked at to reply lifting oil monetary values. In the state. coconut is the chief advocate of bio ethyl alcohol fuel which maximizes the states abundant resources of such. Although coconut as a advocate of bio ethyl alcohol is the 2nd most expensive among all the options ( palm oil is considered the cheapest signifier of alternate fuel which Malaysia has already perfected in bring forthing ) . it could still ease up on oil imports doing goods more inexpensive and doing us more competitory. A strong Uruguayan peso is by and large favourable to the economic system as a whole but there are certain sectors of the industry and society that are affected by a strong Peso. The export industry is weakened by a strong Peso since their good would go more expensive since the Peso appreciates which makes them less competitory in the export market. Although they may be affected. all is non lost since there are fiscal solutions to at least extenuate the disability they are confronting because exporters could come in into fudging understanding or derived functions where in they could come in into a contract to protect them from the Peso grasp.

    The touristry industry weakens every bit good since a strong Peso makes remaining for a holiday in the state would do it more expensive. The consequence of a strong Uruguayan peso on the touristry industry besides affects the Hotel industry since it is some what related as a strong touristry industry means move engagements with hotels for a topographic point to remain. An dry disadvantage of a strong Peso is that the donees of the OFW’s. who contributes significantly in doing the Peso strong. acquire less of the remittals that their relations send them since the Dollar looses its buying power by the peso grasp. And eventually a sector which for us is truly acquiring the worst out of the state of affairss are the domestic manufacturers since a strong Peso would do imported goods cheaper since the Peso appreciates therefore doing it purchase imported goods more. This industry is for us the most affected due to two things. First is that as Filipinos’ . it a known fact that we posses a colonial outlook that we patronize more imported goods than local goods and by imported goods being cheaper. the more the Filipinos could afford such imported goods ignoring the domestic goods. Another disadvantage is that there is no fudging or derived functions to be available of which can non assist in extenuating the Peso grasp. Recommendation

    From the information gathered and the group’s analysis. the state and its economic system are really much on a high note. All factors indicating to an emerging economic system are in the country’s favour. We recommend that functionaries in charge to bank on this positive mentality and interpret them and utilize them as purchase to farther travel this state frontward and be lifted out of whatever hinderances of economic and societal advancement it deserves and has been clamouring for.


    Monetary Stability Sector of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( 2006 ) . The Exchange Rate. Retrieved November 29. 2006 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bsp. gov. ph/downloads/Publications/FAQs/exchange. pdf

    |News Analysis: Filipino governments chew overing effects of stronger peso on economic system | | |

    |English. intelligence. cn 2012-07-04 16:26:35 | |

    By Alito L. Malinao

    MANILA. July 4 ( Xinhua ) — The Philippine peso closed on Tuesday at P41. 72 to a U. S. dollar. the strongest shutting rate in four old ages. motivating Filipino pecuniary governments to measure its consequence on the economic system and the export industry.

    The last clip the peso showed its strength vis–vis the U. S. dollar was on April 9. 2008 when it closed at P41. 725 to a dollar.

    Even if the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( BSP ) . the country’s cardinal bank. has assured the populace that it would go on to allow the market find the peso-dollar exchange rate. some revealed that the BSP really intervened in the trading on Tuesday. otherwise the peso could hold appreciated more.

    BSP Governor Amando Tetangco said that the grasp of the peso was merely a contemplation of the positive developments in the state. mentioning “improved financial place every bit good as the go oning external liquidness of the economic system. plus of class the robust GDP growing that we experienced in the first one-fourth. ”

    The country’s gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) grew by an unexpected 6. 4 per centum in the first one-fourth. 2nd merely to China in the part.

    The gross international modesty of the Philippines. which indicates capableness to pay for imports and service foreign debts. stood at a immense 76. 016 billion dollars in May.

    In fact. out of its dollar militias. the Philippines was able to impart 1 billion dollars to the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) for its standby fund.

    Tetangco said he believes that the Philippine peso is likely in front in footings of value in relation to other currencies but “that’ s how the market perceives the currencies and we are merely leting the market to find the rate. ”

    He besides said that the recent peso motion is loosely in line with those in other emerging markets in Asia.

    Jonathan L. Ravelas. main market strategian of Banco de Oro Unibank. was quoted by studies as stating that the positive developments in the euro zone continued to hike hazard appetite among market participants.

    Ravelas said foreign investors favor the Philippine peso and other local assets given the country’s strong economic basicss.

    For his portion. Tetangco said that although at the minute pecuniary governments are non yet so concerned with the grasp of the peso. they are however alert that ” that no unneeded incipient force per unit area points build up. ”

    “The exchange rate motion is merely one of many factors we consider in scene policy involvement rates. We will take these into consideration during our following meeting. factor these into our prognosis theoretical accounts and see how these feed into our growing and rising prices prognosiss. ” Tetangco said.

    “We will so see if there is any demand to do accommodations to policy. ” he added.

    The cardinal bank’s policymaking Monetary Board is expected to put its following nightlong adoption and loaning rates on July 26. In its June 14 meeting. the board set at 4 per centum and 6 per centum its adoption and loaning rates severally.

    While a strong peso makes imports cheaper. it will besides force up the monetary values of the country’s exports and do them less competitory in the universe market. A strong peso would besides intend that the Philippines would pass more in the refund of its foreign loans.

    Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis. Jr. . president of the Filipino Exporters Confederation. Inc. ( Philexport ) . told newsmans Tuesday that peso’s grasp has already worried some exporters.

    “Some of our exporters…have already stopped accepting orders. ” Ortiz-Luis said. adding that some exporters have reported losing money whenever the peso appreciates beyond P42. 50 to a dollar.

    Ortiz-Luis said that Philexport is trusting that they could retrieve this twelvemonth. “But this tendency continues. we might revise our mark. ” he said.

    Merchandise exports grew by an one-year 5. 5 per centum to 17. 512 billion dollars as of April this twelvemonth. Last twelvemonth. cargos contracted by an one-year 6. 9 per centum. worse than the outlooks of the authorities and industry participants.

    Another sector that could be hit hard by the grasp of the peso would be the 1000000s of abroad Filipino workers who are gaining in U. S. dollars but are passing pesos in the state through their remittals to their households.


    Last Updated: 2011-07-28

    MANILA. July 28 ( NNN-Bernama ) — The grasp of the Philippine peso to its highest degree in three old ages has both good and bad effects on the country’s economic system. studies Xinhua intelligence bureau.

    Surely. as some economic experts have pointed out. a strong peso is a clear indicant that investors’ assurance. peculiarly from foreign beginnings. have returned to the Philippines.

    Harmonizing to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( BSP ) . the state ‘s cardinal bank. the strong public presentation of the Philippine peso was a direct consequence of the inflow of foreign portfolio investing in emerging economic systems like the Philippines.

    BSP Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo said that foreign portfolio directors have preferred investment in Asia given the uncertainnesss and challenges facing the United States and some European states saddled bymounting debts.

    “Advanced economic systems appear to be traveling rearward. . Any logical way of investing influxs is toward the more robust and promising emerging markets. ” Guinigundo said during the launching on Tuesday of the latest World Investment Report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD ) .

    Foreign portfolio investing yielded a net influx of US $ 138. 68 million as of June 17 compared to a net influx of lone US $ 2. 40 million for the same period in 2010.

    In Tuesday’s trading. the Philippine peso closed at 42. 225 against 1 US dollar. up by 16. 5 centavos from Monday’s coating of 42. 39: 1 dollar.

    On Wednesday. the peso peaked to 42. 11 to 1 US dollar. the highest so far since May 2008.

    Guinigundo said that besides the faster economic growing rates in the part. higher involvement rates in Asia besides helped lure foreign portfolio investors to set their investing here.

    Interest rates in emerging Asia are lifting while those in the West. led by the United States. are still at record depressions.

    During the past two old ages. the Filipino peso has been one of the strongest currencies in Southeast Asia.

    Aside from the influx of portfolio and foreign direct investings. the rise in the peso was besides caused by increased dollar remittals from abroad Filipino workers ( OFWs ) and the impairment of the US economic system. the Philippines’ figure one trading spouse.

    Harmonizing to Sen. Ralph Recto. president of the Senate commission on ways and agencies. the peso could even appreciate up to 34 pesos to 1 US dollar this twelvemonth.

    A state of affairs like this would set the Filipino authorities in a quandary.

    Peso grasp would intend a decrease of the country’ s debt service every bit good as decrease of monetary values of imported trade goods.

    However. this grasp will besides cut down the buying power of the dollars that OFWs send to their households in the Philippines.

    It would besides intend that Philippine exports would be less competitory abroad and the income of exporters would be diminished.

    Already. exporters from all over the state have cautioned about the deductions of a strong peso on the export industry.

    An earlier study by the state-run Philippines News Agency quoted Roberto C. Amores. president of the Philippine Food Exporters and Processors Organization ( PHILFOODEX ) . as stating that a strong peso is “bad for the exporters and bad for domestic makers. ”

    “Definitely. we will once more lose fight vis-a-vis our Asiatic neighbor. This will do monolithic unemployment. mill shutdown and serious supplanting as cheaper imports flood the local market. ” Amores said.

    Amores besides said that portfolio investing is non a dependable gage of economic growing of the state because it can be withdrawn from the market anytime.

    Earlier. President Aquino has announced the release of 100 million pesos ( US $ 2. 36 million ) in export support fund ( ESF ) to assist the export industry header with assorted force per unit areas like the strong peso.

    Philexport President Sergio Ortiz-Luis has said that in malice of the diminution in May exports. they are non altering their export mark growing of 10 per centum for 2011. adding that they “expect higher figures get downing the 3rd one-fourth. ”

    But in an earlier briefing. Ortiz-Luis besides bewailed the government’s peso-dollar exchange rate policy.

    “A major faltering block in prolonging export growing is an exchange rate policy that has ever been biased in favour of a strong peso. ” Ortiz-Luis said. — NNN-BERNAMA

    Investings boost peso to four-year high. ranges P40. 87: $ 1 grade

    November 27. 2012 7:38pm

    Boosted by remittals from abroad Filipinos and strong portfolio investings by foreign fund directors. the peso breached the 41: $ 1 grade to stop the trading session at 40. 87 to the dollar – a four-and-a-half-year high.

    Intra-day. the Filipino unit reached 40. 85: $ 1 on the Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp. . where foreign currencies are traded. Tuesday’s turnover totaled $ 899. 52 million. PDEx records showed.

    The peso last traded at a lower place 41 to a dollar on March 10. 2008 when it closed at 40. 81. harmonizing to Central Bank informations.

    “The peso has so appreciated faster than regional currencies have. but the volatility of the peso has been maintained at the center of the scope [ compared with those of cardinal currencies in the part ] . ” Bangko Sentral Gov. Amando Tetangco Jr. told newsmans Tuesday.

    For his portion. BDO Unibank main market strategian Jonathan Ravelas said in a separate text message that he is anticipating peso degrees to make P41. 70 = $ 1 by the year’s terminal “mainly due to remittals and portfolio flows. ”

    Remittances reached $ 17. 3 billion as of end-September. up 5. 7 percent year-on-year. harmonizing to the Central Bank. In September entirely. remittals totaled $ 2 billion.

    Apart from remittals. Tetangco noted that investor assurance remains floaty particularly on intelligence that debt-riddled Greece is about to acquire another bailout bundle from the European Union.

    Meanwhile. hot money or foreign portfolio investings plunged to $ 40 million in October from $ 402 million posted in September. There was a batch of profit-taking in the stock market. the bank noted. with the chief index making its thirtieth all-time high this twelvemonth on Tuesday mostly on the strength of foreign financess.

    Tetangco said the Bangko Sentral will closely supervise the forex market and measure in if the exchange rate motion needs policy action.

    Traders. who asked non to be named as they were non allowed to speak to the media. noted the peso would hold been stronger if non for Bangko Sentral intercession.

    The Bangko Sentral policy mostly allows market forces to find the peso rate of exchange against the dollar. but the cardinal bank can besides exert the option to purchase or sell currencies in the market to avoid potentially destabilizing motions of the peso.

    Extreme volatility in the currency exchange rates can hold a damaging impact on the economic system. harmonizing to the Bangko Sentral.

    The BSP is continuously step ining in the market in a moderate manner. traders noted. — With Rouchelle Dinglasan/VS/YA/BM. GMA News

    3. Peso at new 4-year high as OFW remittances pour in

    By Michelle V. RemoFilipino Daily Inquirer

    9:11 autopsy | Thursday. November 8th. 2012

    MANILA. Philippines—The peso inched up somewhat farther on Thursday. even as some other Asiatic currencies fell. as remittals from overseas-based Filipinos rose in the attack to the Christmas season. The local currency closed at 41. 05 against the US dollar. up by one centavo from the old day’s coating of 41. 06: $ 1. therefore registering a new four-year high. Intraday high hit 41. 05: $ 1. the same as the day’s near. while intraday low settled at 41. 12: $ 1. Volume of trade reached $ 1. 037 billion from $ 968 million antecedently. Traders said the rise of the peso came as abroad Filipino workers sent more money to their households following the entry of the Christmas season. The grasp. nevertheless. was minimum given the retarding force caused by concerns over the US “fiscal cliff” and an unfavourable mentality for the eurozone. In the United States. some disbursement cuts and infliction of certain revenue enhancements are scheduled by the terminal of this twelvemonth. Furthermore. the debt ceiling of the US authorities must be raised before the terminal of the twelvemonth to avoid break of province operations. In the eurozone. concerns over its economic public presentation linger as the European Commission said the part might hardly turn in 2013. Traders said jobs facing the US and eurozone economic systems led to the diminution of some emerging market currencies and dampened what could hold been a sharper rise of the peso.

    P/ $ rate stopping points at P42. 94/ $ 1

    March 7. 2012. 1:57am

    MANILA. Philippines — The peso exchange rate closed lower at P42. 94 to the US dollar yesterday at the Philippine Dealing & amp ; Exchange Corp. ( PDEx ) from P42. 90 the old twenty-four hours. The leaden mean rate depreciated to P42. 913 from P42. 821. Entire volume amounted to $ 1. 090. 72 billion.

    Rice Import at 500. 000 Meitnerium

    The Filipino authorities is maintaining its rice import program this twelvemonth at 500. 000 metric dozenss compared with 860. 000 dozenss in 2011. Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said yesterday.

    “We are really optimistic that agribusiness will be a major subscriber to economic growing this twelvemonth and in the coming old ages. ” Alcala said. mentioning authorities investings in the sector. ( Bloomberg )

    Crude Oil Assumption At $ 90- $ 110/BBL

    The Philippines prognosiss crude oil to be within a scope of $ 90 to $ 110 a barrel this twelvemonth. the government’s Investor Relations Office said in a statement.

    The Philippines besides expects remittals from its subjects abroad to make $ 21. 1 billion this twelvemonth and gross international militias at $ 79 billion. the bureau said. It has a foreign exchange rate premise of 42 to 45 pesos to the US dollar. ( Bloomberg )

    Globe Plans Tech Business Incubator

    Globe Telecom is puting up a first-in-the-Philippines brooder focused on assisting technopreneurs launch their ain concerns. The Globe brooder will spouse with draw a bead oning technopreneurs by constructing an end-to-end support system that marries the “hardware” of large companies with the ‘software’ of mentorship and community partnership.

    Globe incubator-supported start-ups will hold the advantage of entree to assorted platforms of the telephone company which are normally unfastened merely to big established companies. They could measure up for seed capital to assist them establish their company faster and debuts to spouse companies within the Globe. Singtel and Ayala webs here and abroad. ( EVA )

    Dunkin’ Donuts Gets Lebron Endorser

    SINGAPORE ( AP ) – Dunkin’ Brands Inc. says NBA ace Lebron James has agreed to market Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins ice pick in Asia. Dunkin’ said in a statement Monday that the understanding will last at least two old ages and is deserving at least $ 1 million.

    Dunkin’ said James will advance its trade names in China. Taiwan. India and South Korea through advertizements. on-line media and in-store selling.

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