Play Review: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet met at a Caplet’s ball where they experienced love at first sight. Juliet has to leave the ball and Romeo seeks her at her window. They find out that they are from enemies’ families but because Of the love they had, they did not care about it. They arranged a marriage between them because they thought that this marriage would solve the families’ feuds. Therefore, they married secretly but when Juliet returned home, she found out that her parents had arranged a secretly marriage for her with Paris.

Romeo killed Gullet’s cousin, Table, for killing Mercuric, Romeos friend. As a consequence, Romeo had to run out of town. Juliet in her intend to not marry Paris got a poison from the friar which made her appear dead for 42 hrs. She planned to be put in the family vault and sent Romeo a message, so he can pick her up from the vault and they can go together without their parents knowing. Unfortunately, Romeo did not get the message. He went to the vault and thought Juliet was dead, therefore, he ended killed himself,.

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Shortly after Juliet woke up and killed herself when she saw that Romeo was death. The death of these two lovers ended the family feud. This play is one of the best I have seen for a long time. The whole group from my point of view were extraordinary and interpreted their roles in a unique way that made the play really interesting and thrilling. The play was a perfect combination between drama and comedy. Peter interpreted by Nathan Mesa was my favorite character because I think because of him the play turns very funny.

Although, he is not as an important character as Romeo, he interpreted very well his role, and each time he said something it would generated a hard laugh by the audience. The background of the play seemed really well design, the detailing on the balcony and the columns of the structure were extraordinary. It was really a great job of Ronald Watson who was in charge of the scenic design. The lighting design were really amazing as well, it really transmitted the emotions that the performers were feeling in those moments.

Congratulations to Debra Coates for the lighting design. In respecting of the costumes, I think they were really appropriate because they represent exactly the costumes Of that era. In conclusion, I think this play was really amazing because of the professionalism of the performers, the appropriate costumes, the scenic and lighting design, and the amazing history that is Romeo and Juliet. I really had a great time watching this play, and I would recommend it to every one because I am sure most of the people would really enjoy it.

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