Play Review: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet met at a Caplet’s ball and instantly fell in love. Despite being from rival families, their love prevailed over their differences. They decided to marry in hopes of bringing an end to the ongoing feuds between their families. However, upon Juliet’s return home, she discovered her parents had already arranged a secret marriage for her with Paris.

Romeo killed Gullet’s cousin, Table, as a retaliation for Table killing Mercuric, Romeo’s friend. This caused Romeo to flee the town. To avoid marrying Paris, Juliet acquired poison from the friar. The poison induced a 42-hour death-like state in Juliet. Her intention was to be placed in the family vault and send Romeo a message so he could retrieve her from there. They planned to escape together without their parents’ knowledge. Unfortunately, Romeo never received the message and mistakenly believed that Juliet was truly dead when he went to the vault. Consequently, he ended up taking his own life.

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Upon waking up, Juliet tragically chose to end her own life after finding out about Romeo’s death. This heartbreaking event ultimately brought an end to the longstanding feud between their families. In my opinion, this play is truly remarkable and stands out as one of the best I have seen in a while. The entire cast delivered an exceptional performance, each bringing their unique interpretation to their respective roles, resulting in a captivating and thrilling production. With a perfect combination of drama and comedy, this play was an absolute delight. Nathan Mesa’s portrayal of Peter particularly stood out to me as he added a hilarious twist to the storyline.

Even though he is not as important a character as Romeo, he performed his role exceptionally well and every time he spoke, the audience erupted with laughter. The set design, particularly the balcony and the columns, was meticulously crafted and added an extraordinary touch to the play. Ronald Watson, who was responsible for the scenic design, did an excellent job. The lighting design was equally impressive, effectively conveying the emotions felt by the performers at each moment.

Debra Coates deserves congratulations for her excellent lighting design. The costumes were also fitting as they accurately represented the attire of the era. In summary, this play was truly spectacular due to the performers’ professionalism, appropriate costumes, scenic and lighting design, and the captivating story of Romeo and Juliet. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this play and highly recommend it as I believe that most individuals would find it very enjoyable.

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