Popular Music and Lyrics in the 1950’s and Today

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Music has been known to show thoughts in human emotion ; music can be a release from the feverish universe. But people in the 50’s did non sit back and loosen up to the sound of “Feel It N*gga” by 50 cent. In fact. the type of vocals that 50 cent sings is far from what people in the 50’s used to listen to. Even though some elements of music haven’t changed such as gait and mawkishness in love vocals. many manners of music have evolved into more aggressive wordss and/or really expressed and coarse diction to suit some American civilizations in the twelvemonth 2006. Wordss like “nigger” . the engagement of sexual intercourse. and the presence of force has manifested itself into vocals today. unlike the older musical coevals.

One of the really small unchanged facets of music is the gait of love vocals. Love vocals have two sorts of gait: fast and decelerate. An illustration of a fast paced vocal in the 50’s is the vocal by The Platters. “The Magic Touch” . This vocal combined the bang of love and a fast tricky gait. This clever facet is besides evident in the vocal by Vanessa Carlton. “A Thousand Miles” . The gait for this vocal is even faster than “The Magic Touch” and it is seasoned with the playing of the fiddle. the 2nd fastest played instrument known to adult male. Another span between the 50’s and today is the slow gait in other love vocals. In the 50’s. “Only You” by the Righteous Brothers. the gait is slow. This is apparent due to the chord put in C child which is a line of consecutive notes that are use as a calming redress. In Celine Dion’s vocal “My Heart Will Go On” . she prolongs the concluding notes in order to decelerate the gait. The usage of the flute which calms or soothes the tune of the vocal besides aids in the deceleration of the gait or pacing.

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Although there are some similarities the differences out-weigh them by a great trade. In the 50’s. aggression was ne’er used in vocal ; it would be banned by the church and labeled as vocals of the Satan. because of the spiritual artlessness in that clip period. It would besides be banned by the authorities because it did non elate the temper and morale of the veterans who had suffered mentally and physically in World War II. On the other manus. today aggression is greatly used in many illustrations of music. such as DMX’s old vocal “Blood of my Blood” . where he uses the quotation mark “whitey wants die why you wan na attempt “ . This quotation mark is aggression directed at white Americans due to the racial favoritism in the yesteryear.

One of the few similarities in music from the 50’s and the music today is the mawkishness in love vocals. In the vocal by the Righteous Brothers “Only you” . it is really sentimental ; it signifies the singer’s untold love to person. The words “Only you can do this universe seem right” explain the utmost sentimental feelings for that individual because of the over romanticized imagination. Today we besides have really sentimental vocals such as the musical figure by Mariah Carey “Life Ain’t Worth Liven Without You” . Here even the rubric of the vocal is adequate to demo the mawkishness that is expressed in this vocal.

Finally. one of import difference is censorship. In the 50’s it was impossible to happen a vocal with expressed linguistic communication. but today. vocals are crammed with provocative linguistic communication and topics that can be violative to many people. For illustration. the wordss by Ludicrous in his vocal the 411 ” I got h*s in different country codifications “or in the vocal “Colt 45? by Afroman stating” I got a box O weed and a bottle of vino I’m gon na f*ck This b*tch merely one more time” . Such blasphemous linguistic communication would ne’er hold been used in the 50’s. One would detect that there are more women’s rights today than in the 50’s. yet such profanity. which may be viewed as violative in a feminist point of position. is still sold today.

In decision. the musical manners and basicss of North American music have been immensely changed to reflect some facets of U. S society today. Musical facets such as gait and mawkishness in love vocals may non hold changed ; nevertheless. many manners of music. in comparing to the 50’s. hold evolved into more aggressive or coarse wordss. Simple fast tempo music can no longer promote the temper of the bulk. and the huge differences will merely alter even more in the old ages to come. In the 50’s a simple “AWAP BA DA LU BOP A WAM BAM BOOM” was the kernel of music that was “hip” . Today. really big amplifiers are used to amplify the sounds of “cool” wordss.

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