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America in the 1950’s – the Age of Affluence Essay

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The 1950’s were often as an age of Prosperity. Yet at the same time not all people benefited from the apparent affluence of Society at the time.

Remember that America had emerged a prosperous country from the war. Also remember that in 1952 Eisenhower became President and America had its first Republican Government for 20 years.Population and the GNPBetween the years 1945 and 1960, a post war ‘Baby boom’ increased the population by 40 million, a 30% increase to a total of 179,323,175. During the 50’s the gross national product (GNP), the value of all goods almost doubled.

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America in the 1950’s – the Age of Affluence
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The Americans were producing more than half of all the goods in the world.Consumer GoodsEveryone owned a lot of goods. In 1948, only half the population had cars but in 1956 nearly 3 in every four families had a car. Barely anyone had televisions but in 1956, over 4 out of every 5 families had one.

More people owned more land. There were more luxuries like more markets and more discos.Employment and wagesThe wage increased by 240% between 1948 and 1946.

Unemployment wasn’t a problem anymore.

However in 1954 the unemployment increased a bit, this was probably because of the number of immigrants.Way of Life and Standard of LivingAmericans enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world. In the 60’s it was 3 times better than the British life. Movies and magazine carried news of the American success to millions of people around the world.

There were lots of supermarkets, discos, freeways and lots of television shows.Problem in the America SocietyMany Americans remained underclass who weren’t able to share in the prosperity. 22% of the population lived under poverty level. They lived in the inner cities of USA.

Other problems were the stereotype of women. Not many women stayed in their jobs during the War. Many men took over. Enough when the women did better, the men were chosen to keep the job.

ConclusionI think the USA was a prosperous society in the 20th century. Nearly everyone had a house (it only cost 100 bucks). Unemployment had decreased massively; many people had Cars, TVs and other electronic things. They exported a lot and got a lot of money.

The wages were incredible. There was a lot of technology. There were lots of discos, markets and freeways. It was an economic giant.

It made over half the amount of goods in the world. However there was an amount of people that wereDeveloping in USA societyIn American Society, Blacks were regarded as not royal. There was a lot of people that weren’t rich enough to pay for medical bills. Women who were really good in their job during the war were back to their homes cooking.

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