Poseidon Research Paper I just finished Essay

Poseidon Essay, Research Paper

I merely finished reading about the God Poseidon. I am traveling to state you a small

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Poseidon Research Paper I just finished
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about him. Some of the things that I am traveling to state you about, are some of his

relations, his symbol, his power, a few interesting facts, and a brief drumhead

of one of the many narratives that he is mentioned in. First I am traveling to state you

about his symbol. It is a trident. It was given to him by the Cyclopes to build up

him in the conflict against the Titans.

The trident is non merely something that

expressions like a pitchfork. It is much more powerful. It has the power to fork up

whole continents and islands. After that, this became his tool of power. He

would besides throw his trident at the land and it would make immense temblors.

This is how he got his nickname Earthshaker. Now I am traveling to state you about

the relations of Poseidon.

His parents were Cronus and Rhea. Poseidon is the

brother of Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Zeus. Zeus banished him to the

submerged land. Then Poseidon hurled immense moving ridges at Zeus & # 8217 ; kingdom on Mount

Olimbos. He was unable to make the land, so he threw the moving ridges at the land.

This eroded it everyplace except where Mother Earth put drops. Now I am traveling

to state you a sum-up of a myth about Poseidon. The name of this narrative is

Poseidon. “ In the yearss of Cronus and the Titans, the sea was ruled by

Nereus. ” Nereus was the male parent of 50 sea nymphs. When Poseidon came to

take over the sea, Nereus gave him his girl Amphitrite for his queen. Then

Nereus retired and went into an submerged grotto. Poseidon had a boy with

Amphitrite. His name was Triton. He had a fishtail alternatively of legs. Just like

his gramps. He rode around on the dorsum of a sea monster. Poseidon was

hardly of all time at place because he was ever rushing the moving ridges with his snow white

Equus caballus

s. Poseidon had many married womans and many kids but Amphitrite was non

covetous. One of the islands that Poseidon made was named Delos. It was so new

that it still floated about the ocean. The lone thing that grew on this island

was a palm tree. This island had hardly been discovered. This is the island on

which Apollo and Artemis would be born. This is why Apollo and Artemis will be

born on the island of Delos. Hera found out that Zeus had married Leto. She got

really huffy and ordered all the lands to decline to give her shelter. Therefore Latona

could non give birth to the babes. She so went to Delos. They could accept

her there because it was still drifting and was non a land yet. But she still

could non give birth to the babes because Hera had forbid Ilithyia the goddess

of childbearing to travel to her. “ Without her aid no kid could be born. ”

All the goddess & # 8217 ; felt bad for Leto, so they bribed Hera with a necklace. It was

nine pess long and made of gold and gold. Hera gave in and allow Ilithyia travel to

Leto. Then Apollo and Artemis were born. “ Zeus was filled with joy at the

sight of his beautiful twins. He gave them each a silver bow and quiver full of

pointers. The pointers of Artemis were soft as the Moon and brought painless decease,

those of Apollo were difficult and piercing as the beams of the Sun. ” Zeus

blessed the island and attached it to the underside of the sea. Plants grew

everyplace on the island and this island became the richest Grecian island of all.

“ Pilgrims flocked to it and loaded it with temples and hoarded wealths to honour

Latona and her Twinss. ” That was merely some of the many interesting facts that

I found about Poseidon. Poseidon is merely one of the many Grecian Gods. So think of

all the interesting facts about Grecian mythology there are. I hope that you

enjoyed reading my study on Poseidon.

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