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Project Proposal for CWTS

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Because of the rapid changes in the environment, there is a dire need to promote order and sanitation starting with our own community. The area selected is an area that must be weeded and planted with low growing plants to avoid the threat of harmful animals, dumping of waste that causes flooding in the university, habitat for mosquitoes, and other possible situations that may pose as a problem to the maintenance of the health of the community.

The area selected can be, with proper materials and methods, converted into a site that can embody sanitation and beauty.

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Project Proposal for CWTS
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Justification In health, one must not only focus on the individual self but must also point a gaze into one’s environment. Order and neatness must also be evident in one’s surroundings to promote not only hygiene but also attractiveness of one’s community. The act of maintaining cleanliness will lessen the harm of diseases, pollution and disorder. Man-made problems will greatly decrease and greenery will be promoted and dissipated into the neighboring communities resulting to global change that will be for the betterment of the society.

There will be less floods, pollution, restlessness, global warming and dengue.


The benefits of the project will be the cleanliness and beautification of the highway in the CMU community, lesser probability of floods, fewer diseases brought by unmaintained areas and stagnant water, contribution of oxygen into the atmosphere, increase of the activity of the life processes that helps daily living, helps in the control of the inconsistent change of temperature, beautification of the environment and health of the surroundings of the university.


The coverage of the project implementation and immersion ranges in the Sayre highway from the main gate until the church area of the university.


  1. The students will first survey the area and assess the needs and necessities to accomplish the project.
  2. The students will then divide the labor necessary to complete the project.
  3. The students will complete the materials essential for the project.
  4. The students will then start the weeding and planting in the area.
  5. Students will keep a record of activities through updated journals and documentation.

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