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My Tragic Accident

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  • Pages 3
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    There I was riding the longest wheelie possible last year. In front of my house with my Mom and Dad watching me I was feeling like a pro, And then it happened. I was riding the longest wheelie I ever attempted in my 3 year of biking. I rode it from my garage down my driveway then turned out in to the street to the stop sign it was like 2 football fields in length. And all the sudden I lost my balance, the front end of the bike came up way to far and I went to step off and I fell to ground like I lost my balance.

    Then I went to get up and I got to my feet but then I fell right back down to the ground. I had no clue to why I fell. My mom and dad came walking over to me saying im fine just get up so I try to get up again and I fell now they are taking me serious now they put me in the car to go to the hospital. When we arrive at the hospital, The people at the door put me into a wheel chair to get me to a room. Once I get into the room they cut my pant leg off because they had no idea what I did to it once my pant leg was cut off they seen how swollen it was.

    They went out of the room and brought me back tons of ice to get the swelling to go down before they can take x-rays but once they took my x-rays and they said they’ll have the results in 5-10 minutes and they wheeled me back to my room . In the room I was so nervous that I dislocated it or broke it . i was so scared that I did something like that. Then the doctor come in said bad news buddy you tore your acl and at the time I had no clue what my acl was so I was asking 1,000s of questions about it and he said I will have to see a special doctor to see if I need surgery.

    But before we lefted they gave me crutches and a immobilizer for my knee. Then gave us the date to go see the special doctor. When we get to the doctor appointment with Dr. Burt , He take a long look at my knee then says it needs to be drained. When he says that I start to freak out because He pulls out a needle the size of a turkey bester and sticks it in the side of my balloon size knee and suck all the fluid an blood out of it.

    After he did that I seriously thought I would be able to walk it was so releaving the pain just went totally away. The was no pressure in side my knee at all. Then once we finished that he take a look at the x-rays and he said I have torn my aclhe then said it could be corrected by physical therapy because he said it was a partial tear. then once I started physical therapy the therapist start touching and moving my knee around and it hurt really bad I was just shaking in fear because she was 6’5 .

    When she messed with my knee I just wanted to cry but after going there for months it got better and better after about 3 months of therapy. I ended up okay. After the 3 months of intensive physical therapy. My knee healed and I was able to get back to bmxing and being my normal self by walking around and doing things for my self again. and that is my tragic experience taering my acl. The lesson I learned was Not to try thing I am not comfortable with.

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