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Psychological Testing Before Hiring

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    Consideration can be helpful for an employer to give them some extra insight to make a better hiring decision. There are many tests available so chosing an accurate one is important. Deniz S. Ones, professor of industrial psychology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, believes that a well-designed personality assessment, if used properly, can be a useful and accurate way to gauge if someone will be a good fit. The problem is that not all tests are created equal, she says. “A good test, just like a good car, would have withstood strenuous technical tests, just like a dummy crash” . These tests, however, raise many legal issues, particularly in the areas of potential discrimination claims and privacy concerns. Matt Anderson stated in his article, “Who Are You?: The Legal Implications of Employee Personality Testing”, “Personality testing still has the potential of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

    “For example, if an applicant can show that the personality trait for which the employer screened was really a mask for discrimination of a protected class, the employer could be found to violate federal discrimination laws according to Anderson. So, if the employer is screening for a personality trait it connects with a protected class and makes its decisions based on that trait can constitute discrimination. I feel this should be the most important consideration when psychological testing is used. I have a learning disability due to a traumatic brain injury that I suffered when I was an infant. At one point my high school case management team felt that college might not be obtainable for me. I have worked very hard to the best of my abilities to be successful in college. I will have the same work ethic after graduation when I land my first job. It would be a terrible injustice if an employer didn’t hire me because of a personality test without giving me the opportunity to show what I can do.

    6. I think a business would be very frustrated if their executives were required to take a personality test in order to receive a government contract. The government should base their decision on reviews and work the company has already done. They can interview other customers. Another option would be to visit previous job site where the company did work. I don’t feel a personality test given to the executives would be a true representation of what the company can accomplish. Executives can change at any time. The reputation of the company is can be over a period of time and involve past and present executives. I also think the businesss has a moral responsibility to not put their employees in that situation. They have to respect their employees personal being and asking them to take a personaliy test to secure business for the company is morally intrusive.

    A company where managers have to baby sit you will not run effectively. Honest employees end up paying for other people’s bad integrity though rules. These screen tests are designed to access a person’s honest and trustworthy behavior. People who lack integrity have similar factors on a personality test. Integrity tests measure the overall job performance of employees. Integrity is strongly related to being conscious which is an important overall job performance. I do not believe the business would have any moral grounds for subjecting workers to do comparable tests. It would be a good thing for workers to do the tests, especially if their good interviewers and can’t communicate as well as others. Buying a test is cheaper then creating a test for someone. If you can use the same successful test for the same people at a cheaper price, why wouldn’t you want that for your company?

    7. I believe this generally is the case because the focus of Utilitarian’s is the right and wrong and the outcome or consequences of choosing one acting policy over another. This method does not focus on someone’s own interest which would be very liable when doing tests as a pre-employment screen. The pre-employment screening is maximizing utility in every way. This is going to create the greatest number of success in a company if the pre-employment screening is used correctly. The problem with Unitarianism is many companies do not follow this ethics theory. By not following this theory can cause problems in a company that is beginning to build up. As long as there is equal consideration in the screening tests, then Utilitarian’s would not have a problem with this genius method.

    Some companies do not offer honest exams but instead offer tests that are designed to draw a general psychosocial profile of the applicant, claiming that this sort of analysis can predict more accurately than either the polygraph or the typical honest test. Some questions that are asked include if applicants have ever stolen from their employers, how much they have taken, and other questions related directly to honesty. It is more difficult for applicants to fake their responses to PDI’s tests. Not everyone is persuaded. It is very difficult for dishonest people to fake honesty. One reason is that thieves tend to believe that everyone does it and therefore it wouldn’t make sense for them to deny stealing. These wrongly people insist that these tests make a difference but enable employers to ferret out potential troublemakers.

    The list of psychological tests is growing by leaps and bounds, but the tests often lack validity or reliability. The chief critics of honesty and other exams are the people who must take them. These people will complain about having to reveal some of the most intimate details of their lives and opinions. A typical test may begin with a cautionary remark. Test takers are told to be truthful because dishonesty can be detected. They are also warned that incomplete answers will be considered incorrect. Applicants will then ordinarily sign a wavier permitting the results to ne shown to their prospective employer and authorizing the test agency to check out their answers. Many questions may be transparent but most questions tend to stay on the controversial side.

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