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What is ideal and what is existent? We seem to hold this idealised construct of what love is supposed to be like harmonizing to the manner society has molded us. Possibly these ideals are more about the ego than they are about a relationship between two people. We want to experience loved, and when we get that love from another individual we become determined to procure that experiencing. By procuring these feelings we lean towards commanding that relationship. However, control is simply a manner of fabricating and disguising world. And by pull stringsing world in this manner we create an ideal relationship stemming chiefly from our ain selfish vain imaginings.

Literature gives us many illustrations of these kinds of ideals while at the same clip demoing us how world finally prevails these constructs. Whether the narratives portray an ideal relationship or a realistic one, is dependent on the writer. If the writer chooses to put his/her characters in an ideal relationship, it must be absolutely ideal. Ideal does non needfully interpret to a positive point of view, though. It could intend the absolutely incorrect relationship. It merely implies that the characters are both dedicated to their relationship non being positive. In a realistic relationship, there are changeless factors interfering with the relationship, and sentiments of the other alteration and vary throughout the work.

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Claire Kemp, in her short narrative, “ Keeping Company ” gives an illustration of a relationship that is controlled by the male. He suppresses his married woman. Possibly the cause of this is his ain insecurity with the relationship. Procuring her love for him has taken case in point over him supplying love for her. The twosome ’ s current abode is located in a homosexual community hence extinguishing the possibility of her being unpatriotic to him. She is handicapped from being who she truly is due to her hubby ’ s accidental denial of world. She has been brainwashed non to oppugn him and to be to the full obedient. Therefore stamp downing her from her ain world. “ William is constructing a wall. To do certain he is in his rights, he engages a keepsake to find the exact boundaries of our land ”.

Looking at love from another position, we find the relationship between a male parent and a boy to hold the same struggles between the ideal and existent. August Wilson wrote the drama “ Fences ” during the brewing of the civil rights motion in the United States. The chief character in the drama, Troy, grew up surrounded by poorness and racial bias hence impairing what he believed could hold been success

in his life. Likewise, his boy, Corey, grew up without these biass. He tells his boy, “The white adult male ain’t gon na allow you acquire nowhere with that football no manner. You go on and acquire your book larning so you can work yourself up in that A & P. . . acquire you a trade. That manner you have something can’t cipher take away from you.”  Troy wanted him to win in ways he could non, nevertheless he was more compelled to protect him from what he believed to be bootless enterprises for his boy. This portrays the difference in worlds between two different coevalss. Due to Troy’s background, his world instinctively tells him that Corey’s world can be nil less than ideal hence non a world at all.

In that same position there is the love yet unattained in Robert Hayden ’ s “ Those Winter Sundays ” . Sometimes, love is shown in manners less direct. This love, though non as obvious at first expression, is merely every bit strong as any other. The storyteller ’ s male parent shows his love by caring for his household. The day-to-day jobs and supplying for his household are tremendously taxing on a adult male, yet he does non kick. He provides for his household the best he can in maintaining them warm and doing certain they were good cared for. This existent love went without thanks. Never was there a splinter of gratitude uttered to the adult male that created comfort. The storyteller, now aged and seeing 20/20 hindsight, can look back and see how his male parent genuinely did love him. “ What did I know, what did I know, of love ’ s severe and alone offices? ”

All three plants provide an ample expression into the universe of love. Whether love is ideal or existent, can ever be argued. The definition lacks rigidness in which 1 can happen comfort. If ideal love were contained in flawlessness, so where would existent love be? It can non be imperfectness can it? If there is non love reciprocated, it can non be ideal, but it is still non needfully ideal when it is reciprocated. The reply lies in each single instance. No two lovers, or household members are the same. No twosome portion feelings with other twosomes. Therefore love it self, whether existent or ideal is dependent upon the state of affairss and individuals environing it.


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