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Realism can be defined as an effort to reproduce the surface visual aspect of the life of normal people in mundane state of affairss ( Kennedy 1410 ) . Basically pragmatism is a state of affairs that normal people can associate to based on their ain experiences. Realism is highly prevailing in the drama Death of a Salesman.

The characters in the drama all have existent universe jobs. Lack of money is one of the jobs, which is a job for many people. There are besides many struggles within the household ; the biggest is over what success is ; money and power or felicity. Willy Loman besides wants his kids to hold a better than he has and attempts to make everything he can so they will hold a better life, including stoping his ain. One realistic state of affairs that many people can associate to is money jobs. Money is one of the chief jobs that Willy Loman had throughout the drama. The Loman household had many purchases on payments. Linda even states? for the vacuity cleaner at that place’s three and a half due on the fifteenth? ( Miller 1650 ) .

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The Loman household was populating from hebdomad to hebdomad. Every clip Willy came place from a reasonably successful twenty-four hours merchandising, he would believe he was eventually acquiring in front. Willy would state Linda how much he had made, but she would so indicate out how much they owed on everything. Willy so felt overwhelmed and said My God, if concern Don T pick up I don T know what I m gon na make!  ( 1650 ) .

Linda would so reassure Willy and state him? Well, following hebdomad you ll do better ( 1650 ) . Many people in existent life have this same job. Every clip they feel they are acquiring in front financially, a job occurs and they find themselves right back where they started. Most people besides have to cover with jobs and struggles within their household throughout their life. Family jobs were non exempt from the characters in Death of a Salesman. Biff’s thought of success was wholly opposite from Willy s. Willy viewed success as ach

ieving money and power ; Biff nevertheless viewed success in life as being happy. Biff realized that I m merely what I am, that’s all? ( 1703 ) . Biff realized he was a dime a twelve ( 1703 ) , but his male parent could non accept this world. This state of affairs where parents ever keep stating their kids what else they could be is common in many households. In actuality the kids are where they want to be in life, but the parents merely can non accept their kids’s contentment. Biff spent most of his life seeking to delight Willy, but Biff eventually realized that he ne’er could. He was what he was.

The most realistic portion of the drama may hold been about how much Willy loved his kids and how he wanted their life to be better than his ain. Willy raised his kids the best he could. The character Ben even seemed to look when Willy was seeking to do a determination on how to do the male childs lives better. This state of affairs with Ben makes it look that Willy has such a difficult clip doing a determination about what is best for the male childs, that he relies on his imaginativeness for an reply.

The chief ground Willy ends up killing himself is because he thinks it will assist Biff get down his ain concern with the life insurance money. Willy did everything with the best of purposes and thought his actions and determinations would profit his kids. Most parents are the same manner and will make anything in their power to assist their kids. When reading Death of a Salesman, most people can associate to the jobs of the Lomans. The similarities of the Loman’s jobs to the mundane jobs that average people face make this a drama full of pragmatism.


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