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Relationship with friends

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This really Todd out to me, because I never really thought about having a friend for that reason. When I put it together I come to reality and notice that my friend actually helps me with my problems. Friendship is very important I feel that a friend makes life so much easier. Most good friends are their for their friends. Me I have a couple of Best Friends. Actually my cousin is also one of my best friends for the simple fact I can talk to him about anything and also we grew up around each other.

One definition that stood out to me was the way best friend was defined.

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Relationship with friends
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It was defined as, ” people with homo you exchange deeply personal information and emotional support, share many interest and activities, and around whom you feel comfortable and at ease” (Parks and Floyd, 1996). Learning about best friends actually taught me how to be more appreciative of a best friend. Another topic that really stood out to me was the “maintaining a friendship”.

This is a very important topic, because many people do not know how to maintain a friendship. Though I have been through stressful altercations; I have done a pretty good Job maintaining a friendship with my friends.

One thing that I can put towards actual life problems with friends is rule number 4, keeping confidence. When I first seen this rule I automatically assumed that they meant to help them be confident about themselves. I was obviously wrong. Keeping confidence in a friend is actually Just putting your trust in them. Me I have had trust issues with my one best friend due to the fact that he has lied to me. I have noticed though that when I trust my friend more then we don’t have as many problems that we’ve had in the past. The book also mentions sharing activities to maintain a reminders.

The book states that, ” sharing activities, friends structure their schedules to enjoy hobbies, interests, and leisure activities together. “. Me and my friends basically do everything together. We all have many things in common. This leads us to do many activities together such as, going to the movies, going to basketball games, or even Just playing video games. One of the biggest parts in this whole chapter was the “Friends with Benefits”. This chapter really caught my attention due to the fact that I Just got into a bad argument with someone I wanted to hare this title with.

She said that, “l wanted all of the benefits out of it without giving her any benefits”. This wasn’t really true, but since I was a virgin I didn’t want to have sex with her. She felt that she was not getting any benefits and decided to stop being my friend all together. I also didn’t know that friends with benefits never cuddled. Me, even as a guy, really liked to cuddle with women, because I like to be close with women. She then told me she doesn’t like to cuddle and this also made me feel uncomfortable. The book actually helped me out.

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