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Friends and Monsters Latin Translation

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Aeneas is pleasing Elissa with his story: “We have sailed from the island of the Harpies to the Adriatic Sea, from which we have been called to Eporus by miraculous rumor. They are the captive Trojans and Helenus, had been named to be rulers. We were delighted because the welcome report was true. Andromache called our people kindly to the palace where she gave many great gifts to Ascanius and Ancises. Helenus was the husband Andromache and a noted prophet. He strengthened our spirits with his true words.

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Friends and Monsters Latin Translation
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He gave us advice about the dangers along the way. You will sail to Hisperia, around the island of Sicily for in between Italy and Sicily, there are terrible monsters. There is one monster who she seizes sailors out of their ship; over here the waters are swallowed by a second monster where your ships will be destroyed. Therefore, you will avoid the straight and you will sail around Sicily. You will also avoid the Sicilian monster Polyphemus; he has already devoured many Greek men.

‘ “We were sailing as the advice had been given by Helenus. But as we sailed close to Italy, we were called by a wretched sailor to the ‘Help me, Trojans, I am a wretched Greek!

With the leader of Ithaca, I sailed to Sicily, but in our flight when Polyphemus had devoured many of my buddies and he was blinded by our men I wandered away from my friends; therefore I did not sail with my king away from the island. ‘ As the wretched man was shouting Polyphemus walked to the shore, he was dire foul-smelling big blind monster. We sailed away from the island immediately; we sailed the Greek and we carried him out in our ships. “After Anchises, alas, he breathed out his spirit; his last time in Sicily. We were carried to your kingdom, Queen, in Africa by means of a great storm.

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