Spending Time with Family vs Friends Compare and Contrast

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The author prefers spending time with their family over friends because family is the most important aspect of their life. They appreciate the support, lack of judgement, and close bond that they share with their family. They believe that family will always be there for them, even during tough times. The author values the time spent with their family, especially during the weekends, and feels that they can always count on them for support and help, making them the better choice over friends.

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When you ask me about spending time with family or friends I’d definitely choose my Family. They are the most important people in my life. They are many things over times that have persuaded to choose family over my friends. I do not have to act or pretend to be neither someone nor something that I am not around them, Blood is thinker than water, and more important I feel that there is more support. First, my families are great to spend the weekend with.

If I came to spend the weekend broke with no money we would do things on a budget. They do not judge me like friends would. This would include me smoking, being on drugs, or even having the HIV virus. My family does not care whether I guy or straight I am still there family. Secondly, we are a very close nit family. Friend will sometime leave you if you go to the club and get into a fight. My families are a firm believer that if one is fighting someone than they are too. We do not look for trouble but, if we I am visiting them I can count on them.

Finally, if I needed a babysitter when I got into town I could depend on them. Unlike friends that want you to pay them for babysitting. Our support for one another is great. If we threw a party the whole family is coming. Friends will tell you quick they have to see what they have planned. Friends are good to hang out with but, never will they do what family does. Friend would turn their backs on you after all, they are friend but family will always be on your side. They will be there with you when no one else will. I love spending the weekend with my family.

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