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Respond to “Learning: Your First Job”

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Respond to “Learning: Your First Job” “Learning: Your First Job” is a very good article that worth to spend time to read it. The writer professor Robert Leamnson wrote this article with good intention. Moreover, he did explain the information in detail and extremely clear, in order to make sure most of the people can understand information in this article.

In this article he gave the college students some good learning skills, such as how to learn with remembering, how to make good use of the time during lecture, taking notes skills, ways to learn knowledge, time managements skills, learning attitude, skills to handle tough courses, how to achieve the goal of interest, how to make good use of the time between classes, how to learn from the assignments, verbalization skill, how to make of the internet nowadays, how to get good preparation before exams, study with friends, and good sleeping pattern etc.

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Respond to “Learning: Your First Job”
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Although, I believe that I have known most of the skills he have mentioned in this article before, but I didn’t do well previously.

In fact, I didn’t realize the importance of these skills. After read this article, professor Leamnson have reminded me how to have better learning skills. I believe some of the skills I have achieved, but most of them I didn’t do quite well indeed. One thing in this article, I think especially useful is the examination skills.

Professor Leamnson said that “the absolute worst thing you can do is to fall for the crazy notion that the way to prepare for an exam is to compress it all in the last 12 to 18 hours before the test, and keep it up right to the very last minute (Leamnson 11). ” It is exactly what most of the college students acting in school. No matter the student is a score oriented or desired to learn knowledge, exam is still a very important session in college.

It determines your ability, level of understanding about the material, and also the academic result. I used to not study good enough after class, and study extremely hard before the exam. That was the worst kind of style. However, after I came to study in the US, I have learnt how to manage my time better. Therefore, I am totally agreed with what professor Leamnson have said; and I would try to make good use of these learning skills in my college life.

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Respond to “Learning: Your First Job”. (2016, Dec 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/respond-to-learning-your-first-job/

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