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Review Essay – In A Groove

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    The author was born in Tokyo. During his time, which was around the 1900s, many of the fiction storywriters based their stories on naturalism.

    However, the author did not align his writing to naturalism. Therefore, he borrowed themes from old tales, but complicated them using complex modern interpretation. As such, most of his stories, including In The Groove, has a modern setting. Apart from this, the author portrays stylistic perfectionism, and in particular, there are instances where macabre themes are evident in his literal works.

    Well, In The Grove, is lmost a reflection of the author’s life. I feel this because, the author committed suicide, and the main character of the story commits suicide. Nonetheless, whatever the motive, other than what scholars speculate was the motivation for In The Groove, the story achieved its aim to express a modern approach to identifying murder criminals. However, investigating murder crimes is a daunting task; hence, In The Groove is a presentation of the distinction between truths and lies (Rumboko).

    In A Groove is a story about a young couple whose journey turns tragic.On their way, hey met a thief, who not only acquired their possessions, but also coveted the wife of the young samurai. The thief posed as a travelling companion. He got the couple into the dense part of the forest, where he rapes the samurai’s wife.

    Then, the thief escapes, the samurai’s wife escapes too, but the young samurai ends up dead. Because of the death, seven people provide their view on the death. These people were the woodcutter, who found the body of the samurai, the thief, monk, young samurai’s wife, samurai’s mother and the murdered samurai’s spirit. Based on this, the aim of the book was to find out who committed the murder.

    Later on, questions arise, mainly because the thief confesses to the murder, which the reader knows the thief did not commit. As such, why could someone confess to a murder he or she did not commit? All the people who give their testimonies provide distorted perceptions of the possible happenings. Each of the testimony, however, aims at making the characters look better, based on their cultures. The samurai’s wife, for example, professes her value of honor above her life, while the thief brags of his past crimes, and confesses to have committed the murder (Filart).

    From the story, it is apparent that, the author’s aim was to expose the reader into a world of mystery. The author tests the reader’s sense of justice and morality, mainly because readers will tend to choose the version of truth, which to believe. In addition, when the characters offer their testimonies, there is an attempt from the characters to justify their testimonies concerning the happenings in the grove. On another hand, the author expresses his view on murder crimes, and in particular, the mystery in solving such forms of crime.

    Well, investigations take place, but n some cases, some of these investigations are inadequate. Therefore, it is possible for innocent people to serve in prison for crimes they did not commit. In addition, society plays an important role in times of murder investigations. The author has provided a context, in which the different people in the society provide testimonies to help identify the murderer.

    However, the main aim of every member is to acquit themselves; hence, they will detach themselves from such cases. In the same context, the police are likely to arrest well-known criminals first because of their prior crimes.While there are truths that, such people may have participated in current crimes, there is no surety that, these people do participate in all criminal activities in the society. Similarly, the author expresses the influence of human of nature in murder investigations.

    As such, there are instances when descriptions of events become different, mainly when, there are instances, which some witnesses fail to capture. This may due to either forgetfulness, or mere ignorance. Overall, these are some of the human weaknesses, which transpire and they can affect he realization of the truth.Clearly, the thief admits of being actively involved in the murder of the samurai.

    Certainly, the thief contributed to the death of the samurai because it is through the raping of the samurai’s wife that, the samurai took his life (Niihara). An evident societal practice evidently emphasized is that of evidence collection and evidence preservation. These two practices are important as they can help in identifying potential suspects. Therefore, during an investigation, possibly, investigators can lie, mislead, or forcefully et a confession from a suspect, mainly through torture.

    This is evident because the thief states that, nothing done to him will make him confess otherwise. The story, however, presents a case where the evidence collection was inadequate. Similarly, the investigators only presume that the thief having committed crimes of the same nature before must have taken part in the murder. As such, there is no consideration on the motives of the thief in confessing.

    Apparently, even when there are two other confessions, the police only want to believe the thief’s confession (Anime).

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