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About Novel:-
The Alchemist is a great novel written by “Paulo Coelho” - Review of the Novel Essay introduction. It was first originally published in Portuguese language in 1988 by Editora Rocco and in English language it is published 1993. Because the author is Brazilian and Portuguese in national language of Brazil that’s why he first originally write that novel in Portuguese language. This novel is “An Allegorical Novel” and it has been translated in at least 72 languages and 140 million copies are sold around the world and become one the bestselling book in history and also set a record in Guinness World Record because of the translation of novel in most language by the same and living author.

About Author:-

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The Author Paulo Coelho was born in 24 Aug 1947 in (Rio de Jeneiro), state of Brazil. He is a musician, Lyricist, as well novelist. His novels genres are dramatic, self improvement and about psychology. Paulo Coelho wrote that novel in just two weeks and according to him he says that this story is written in his soul. He become a one of the most favorite and widely read author in today’s world. He won the many international awards; crystal award is the one them which he won from world economic forum by Davos and Violinist Lord Menuhin in 1999 at Switzerland. About Characters:-

In that novel there are seven important characters which were Santiago, Melchizedek, The Shopkeeper, The Englishman, Fatima, The Alchemist, and The Coptic Monk. Santiago is a protagonist as well as curious person and quite young boy and his open mind makes him suited to find his legend. He also highly gives value to his freedom, and thinks that why he becomes a shepherd and why he gets involved in those things which threaten his life as well as his freedom. In the end he realizes that taking risk is not only threatening his freedom. Melchizedek is king of Salem, and a mysterious. He appears in the Tarifa square town in front of Santiago and tells him about the world’s soul as well about his personal legend. Those people who trying to find their personal legend Melchizedek appears in front of those peoples only. He also gives magical stone Urim and Thummim to Santiago.

The shopkeeper gives a job to Santiago in Tangiers. The shopkeeper is a very kind man and generally afraid to take any type of risk. He tells all the cases due to which he will not have to return back to the Spain and it is not since on his fate. The Englishman meets on the caravan with the Santiago. He is trying to become a great and famous alchemist that’s why he’s travelling to Al-Fayoum for study the alchemist course and gain ability to turn any metal into gold. He also led his book to Santiago while travelling and Santiago learns so much about the alchemist. The Alchemist is a person who is much disciplined and very powerful alchemist of his era and the Englishman ask about the alchemist to Santiago that he is a true alchemist. The Copic Monk is a very important character in this novel but appear in very short piece of writing. At monastery when Santiago and the chemist stop then the monk invites them, where the alchemist gold from the pan of lead, which was given by monk. And then separate it into four parts and give two pieces to Santiago, one to the monk and remaining one take with our self. The monk willing to refuse that offer but the alchemist refuses that. Summary of the novel:-

This novel is about the young boy named as Santiago. He was a shepherd man and trying to find a treasure of his wildest dreams. The Alchemist tells the story of a young shepherd who is able to find a treasure of his wildest dreams. Along the way, he learns to listen of his heart and, more importantly, he realizes that about his dreams, or about his Personal Legends, are not just but part of a Soul of the Universe. Santiago is a quite humble shepherd whose desires are not so long but are few–he wants to be travel freely with his sheep’s, and he have some wine in his wine skin and a books of his own interest on his bag. Moreover, in the form of the recurring our own dream of a great treasure hidden thousands of miles distance at the bottom of the Egypt Pyramid. When Santiago meets Melchizedek, who was a so strange wise man who claims that he is a king from a far-off land, and he decides to seek his own treasure. The next day, Santiago sells one of his sheep and then go to Africa to fulfill his own dream. After arriving in Africa, he feels, it becomes more difficult that things will not be as easy as he thought. On one day Santiago was in Tangiers, he was robbed and left himself fully alone.

He was unable to speak a single word of Arabic. He remembers all the words of the wise man, though and he now decides to get any job at a local crystal shop. After working at the crystal shop for some days, he learns so much about his life and as well as about his Personal Legend, Santiago earns more enough money to brought a new flock of sheep and again return to his home. At the end in last minute, though, He decides to take a risk of it all and joins a caravan which is going to Egypt. In the caravan, who was going to Egypt, He meets an Englishman who come from Africa to seek a renowned the alchemist. When they travel through the desert, the Englishman told Santiago about the all secrets of alchemy. Santiago understands the Englishman’s ideas to be very familiar to Melchizedek’s. They both can spoke of a Soul of the World to which we all are connected and also of the necessity of following our heart’s true wishes or our Personal Legend. Moreover Santiago, wants to learn these secrets by analysing the world, while the Englishman ask him to learn from different books. When they travel, they hear rumors of a coming tribal war. When they finally reached at the Al-Fayoum oasis–the home of the Alchemist, Santiago meets a beautiful girl named Fatima with whom he finally falls in love with her.

He discovers that a love, like as the Personal Legend, he comes directly from the Soul of the World. During moving from the desert, Santiago his own vision of an upcoming war. He moves back to give the warning the elders at the oasis and, when his own vision is become finally confirmed, then they offer him a position as a counselor. Santiago focuses on staying at the oasis with a girl to whom he love, but the Alchemist finds Santiago and ask him that he left Santiago to his treasure that he dreamed a lot. Once again on the way of moving, the alchemist teaches Santiago to listen his heart voice. Hearts can be treacherous, but when you listen to them intently this is the best way to keep them save our self from fooling. Almost from the pyramids, Santiago and the Alchemist are taken prisoner by a warring tribe. The Alchemist tells the tribesmen that Santiago is a very powerful magician of his time he can also turn himself into the heavy wind. The tribesmen are become so impressed and ask them that he will spare the lives of the men if Santiago can do the same which alchemist ask him. The only problem is that Santiago has no idea what he wants to do. After three days of meditating, Santiago used his own knowledge of our Soul to the World to ask the element to ask help for him.

First he asks the desert and after that, he asks the wind and knows, then he asks the sun and, after all that finally, he then asks to the Soul of the World. Immediately, the wind start and whip up, and Santiago disappear from that side then and reappear on the other side of the same camp. The Alchemist takes the leaves of Santiago, who continues from the Pyramids. Once again there, Santiago is spiritually attacked by the robbers and robbers ask him that what he is doing here at that time, Santiago replies that he have a dream of find a treasure buried at the starting or beneath of that tree of the Pyramids. After listening that one of the robbers laughs on Santiago, and says that he also has the same dream, except that in his dream he thinks that the treasure was in Spain. Santiago realizes that the treasure which he finds was back in Spain the whole time. The story which jumps ahead at that time and finds the Santiago dig a hole at the starting of the tree where he saw his own first dream. He was sure enough more, now he finds a trunk which is full of gold–enough for him to lead a whole life with Fatima more happily for a whole life.

Major Themes:-
Dreams (Sleeping):-
It’s a dream in which Santiago first leads to pursue his own destiny. It is also a dream (although it’s another person dreams) that sends to him back. Love:-

In the beginning of the novel story, the reader finds Santiago looking forward to a rendezvous with his merchant’s daughter to whom he met in the previous year. Fate:-
The Alchemist is that our paths are preordained, as the words of the shopkeeper, is one of the main fundamental themes of Unity:-

Through the two main aspects of the narration the unity of all existence is traced as theme.

Dreams (Aspirations):-
Dreams in the sense of “goals” or “aspirations” also constitute a major theme. Santiago’s dream of the treasure provides him with a goal; Santiago resolves to find the treasure, and by his decision to pursue this goal he is able to realize his Personal Legend.

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