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Rising of the Moon

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This play is a one act play and was first performed in 1907. President McKinley being shot dead and the first comic book being written are a couple of the things that occurred in the early 1900’s. In particular though, in the year 1907 was also when the Lamiere brothers created still color photography. Rising of the Moon is a play about a relation evolving between England and Ireland over freedom from English rule. Lady Gregory presents her characters through duty. She also uses folklore, myths, and songs/singing which is seen throughout these areas.

Ballad singer and sergeant are at the most importance within the play.

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Rising of the Moon
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Part of the inciting incident would be at the beginning of the play when policemen are putting up a notice in search of a man. The stasis would be when the policemen is in search of a man because he should be loyal to his country then later ends up changing his emotions over the situation.

This play was first published in 1905 and was a drama play. Within the twentieth century was when this work first appeared. The setting for the play is in Ireland. Drama, problem play, didactic literature, sketch, and morality play are the many different genres that are included within this play.

While reading each stanza, a lot of ideas are brought out in your head on what is going on at what point in time. Mistaken or secret identity, duty, loyalty, and nationalism are some examples. A character analysis is, the sergeant which is the one that is having the conversation with the ragged man. The policeman B an X are the ones that are out in search of a rebel, and posting description and reward papers up. The ragged man appears by the sea tries to pass but the sergeant does not let him. Therefore, the man goes on to telling the sergeant that he knows why he is there.

The analysis of the play is taking place by the sea. It starts out how policemen are in search of a man. Therefore, they are posting up a description of him with a reward. All along they are scared that the rebel is going to come out of nowhere and attack them. Then a man in rags tries to pass, but has no luck. Instead he ends up, in a way, helping the policemen out while the police and sergeant’s assistant are out searching for him as well. They never find the man. To me it seems the man they are describing is the ragged old man since he is wearing a wig and hat to seem to try and hide something.

He states where the guy was last seen by him. The sergeant took his wig and hat and at the end the old man asked for it back. This to me shows a little of foreshadowing. Then when the police came and asked the sergeant if he had seen anyone and he lied. Here it shows me the discovery where something important is about to be revealed. Then when the old man walks away I do not think that the sergeant put two and two together being an example of the reversal. Some complications would be when there are out searching for this certain man and they do not find him so their tactics were not so great.

Climax – Important events would be when the ragged man shows upand he knows somehow what the sergeant is up to. Which leads us to believe that he is the person they are looking for, or he is helping that man. Crisis – That the policemen and the sergeant cannot find this man. The even out a reward up thinking that it would help. Denouement – When the ragged man walks away and says “when we all change places at the rising. ” Which seems to me that he is trying to tell the sergeant that when the sun rises, you need to change up where you are hiding at.

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