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Risk Mitigation Policy Sample

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Nayana Communications Risk Mitigation Policy 1. 0 Purpose To authorise the Nayana Communication Information Security policy a periodic Information Security Risk Mitigations ( RMs ) must be performed to finding countries of exposure. and to originate appropriate redress.


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Risk Mitigation Policy Sample
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Hazard Extenuations can be conducted on any entity within Nayana Communications or any outside entity that has signed a Third Party Agreement with Nayana Communications. RM can be conducted on any information system. to include applications. waiters. and webs. and any procedure or process by which these systems are administered and/or maintained.


The executing. development and execution of redress plans are the joint duty of Information security and the section responsible for the systems countries being assessed. Employees are expected to collaborate to the full with any RM being conducted on systems for which they are held accountable. Employees are farther expected to work with the Information security Risk Mitigation Team in the development of a redress program. 4. 0 Risk Mitigation Process For extra information.

travel to the Risk Assessment Process.


Any employee found to hold violated this policy may be capable to disciplinary action. up to and including expiration of employment. 6. 0 Definitions Footings Entity Definitions Any concern unit. section. group. or 3rd party. internal or external to Nayana Communications. responsible for keeping Nayana Communications assets. Risk Those factors that could impact confidentiality. handiness. and unity of Nayana Communications’s cardinal information assets and systems. Information security is responsible for guaranting the unity. confidentiality. and handiness of critical information and calculating assets. while minimising the impact of security processs and policies upon concern productiveness.

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