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Rivalry: Lord of the Flies

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  • Pages 3
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    Rivalry can lead to many serious problems or even injury. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding explores the theme or rivalry describing fighting, jealousy and taking sides. The author, William Golding, explains many themes with a lot of detail. He also uses symbols in the novels to represent things in real life, for example the conch represents civilization and government. On the island there were many conflicts between Jack and Ralph. They mainly fought for their different beliefs and power because they both wanted to be the leader. Jack was focused on surviving and hunting while Ralph wanted to get rescued and keep the fire going.

    Jack did not want anybody to tell him what to do. When his side needed fire he said,”We’ll raid them and take the fire. ” Jack wanted to prove to Ralph and everybody else that he’s in charge and he doesn’t need to listen to anybody. The fought over power and Jack turned arguing into violence which resulted in the death of two boys on the island. In the very beginning of the novel all the boys voted for a leader. Everybody voted for Ralph and Jack did not like that because before the crash in England he was used to being in charge of the choir. As time went by Jack became in charge of the hunters.

    He started to only care about meat. Jack was so concerned about meat because he liked to hunt. The novel says, “Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was. ” Jack stopped thinking about getting rescued. He is focused on getting meat and doing what he wants to do. Jack did not like that Ralph would yell at him for hunting and not being responsible for building shelters. He wanted to be the only one in charge. Once Jack and Ralph went their separate ways, everyone else started to chose sides. Most of the boys went to Jack’s side because they also enjoyed painting their faces to hunt.

    On Jack’s side, the boys were led by dictatorship. Ralph mainly dad just Piggy because Simon died and Sam and Eric went to Jack’s side but would still help Ralph. In the novel, it explains how Ralph’s side had only a few boys because, “In the short chill of the dawn the four boys gathered around… ” this quote shows how the sides were taken, most chose Jack. Even though Jack wasn’t too concerned about getting rescued they chose him over Ralph, whose first priority was to get off the island. In result of Ralph and Jack’s conflicts it affected everyone by making them chose sides instead of working together to survive.

    In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding explores the theme rivalry by describing fighting, jealousy, and taking sides. They fought with words and some physical fighting. Jack wanted to be chief at first but Ralph was chosen over him. When they became separate leaders the others has to pick sides. The theme rivalry plays a big part in the novel and is expressed in many ways. Rivalry is everywhere in the world. It even occurs on a small island like in the book. Rivalry can turn who you may think is your friend to an enemy. It can also cause danger to your enemy and others around.

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