Roles And Traits Of A Quantity Surveyor Construction

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Measure surveyors, who may besides be known as commercial directors or building cost advisers, are specializers in the fiscal and contractual facets of building undertakings. They are involved at all phases of the undertaking and are normally appointed by the designer or applied scientist who has designed the building. They act as the fiscal superintendent of a peculiar undertaking, interpreting the programs into elaborate costs. This involves working out the timings of each procedure and the precise measure of stuffs needed. The chief undertakings include fixing information on the cost of labor, works and stuffs, apportioning work to subcontractors, fixing stamp and contract paperss, reding on the pick of stuffs and building techniques, covering with be aftering issues, edifice ordinances and designers, and pull offing costs on site and covering with cost rapprochement.

The work is cardinal to the profitableness of building undertakings. Through dialogue, successful measure surveyors can salvage big sums of money for the companies they work for.

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Entry degree

The chief path into measure surveying is by taking a first grade – usually in measure surveying or a closely related capable – accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( RICS ) or the Chartered Institute of Building ( CIOB ) . Alternatively, graduate student classs are available for people with grades in other topics.

Entry to an accredited grade class is by and large with two or three A levels/three or four H classs, or tantamount makings, plus five GCSEs/S classs ( A-C/1-3 ) . You should look into specific demands with single establishments. Useful A level/H class topics include maths, English, geographics, physical scientific discipline, geology, economic sciences, jurisprudence, ICT, art, concern surveies, design and engineering and linguistic communications.

If you do n’t hold the academic entry demands for a degree class, you may be able to analyze at HNC/HND or foundation degree degree. These makings can be supplemented with farther survey for the RICS or CIOB accredited grades.

In the Greater London country, the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust offers work-based preparation for immature people aged 16 to 24 old ages. For this, you must hold a lower limit of four GCSEs ( A-C ) , including English, maths and a scientific discipline topic, or tantamount makings. Trainees work towards an Advanced Apprenticeship and an HND in Construction, before go oning to analyze on an commissioned grade class.

Entry to RICS commissioned graduate student transition classs is with a first grade, which can be in a topic unrelated to appraising. With a grade, it is besides possible to take a three-year alumnus sheepskin accredited by the CIOB, whilst working in a building company.

Making the class

On completion of a RICS or CIOB accredited grade or sheepskin, you must derive farther practical experience before going to the full qualified. For the RICS, this involves a lower limit of two old ages of structured acquisition in employment, taking to a RICS professional appraisal interview – known as the Assessment of Professional Competence ( APC ) . Successful completion of the APC entitles you to utilize the letters MRICS.

The CIOB has a professional development programme which requires the completion of a personal development record over three old ages, based upon a accomplishments and competence demand. This is followed by a professional interview.

RICS and CIOB are the chief professional establishments, and rank is indispensable for hired position. It is besides possible for measure surveyors to fall in the Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. Some surveyors are members of more than one establishment.

All measure surveyors besides undertake Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) , which may include deriving extra makings.

With experience, you could go a undertaking director. You could besides travel into specialist countries such as legal services, hazard direction or installations direction.

Self-employment and free-lance work are rather common.

Personal qualities

As a measure surveyor, you would necessitate to be a practical individual with a logical and methodical attack to job work outing. You would necessitate good IT and numeracy accomplishments, together with the ability to analyze the content of complicated paperss. A clear understanding both of building techniques and engineering and of the relevant Torahs and wellness and safety demands would be indispensable.

You should hold good communications accomplishments as you could be required to show your sentiments both verbally and on paper. You are besides likely to be involved in negociating with a broad assortment of people, which means that you would hold to listen to the points of position of others every bit good as giving your ain sentiment. In add-on, you are likely to be working as a member of a squad, which may necessitate you to actuate and lead people on site.

Looking in front

The chief employers of measure surveyors are constructing and civil technology contractors, consultancies that advise clients on building costs, the belongings divisions of big administrations, and local authorities and other public sector organic structures.

Jobs are available throughout the UK. The demand for measure surveyors is strong and there is a deficit of people with the appropriate accomplishments.

Alternate suggestions

Other possibilities might include designer, constructing surveyor, civil applied scientist, building director, estate agent, general pattern surveyor, lodging director or town contriver.

Take-home wage

When you foremost get down working, you could anticipate to gain between & A ; lb ; 16,000 and & A ; lb ; 24,000. If you start working for a big contractor, you could gain more as you may acquire paid for working site hours. Your wage could easy lift with experience to & A ; lb ; 30,000 to & A ; lb ; 50,000, and you could gain well more if you become a chief spouse in private pattern.


Measure surveyors are by and large office based, although your office may be on a building site. Most quantity surveyors are likely to do some site visits, which require the usage of safety equipment such as difficult chapeaus and boots.

When based at building site, you may work from, say, 8am to 6pm. Otherwise, you may maintain more normal office hours. Occasional weekend work may be required.

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