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Romance – A Short Story

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The lights went out. A silent wind swept the crowd.

Expectation- no it might as well be called intoxication- rattled the rickety gates; demanding. A need for effect… a want to be moved, rudely expressed by the audience for their money’s worth to be paid.The stage’s lights sparkled in midnight. The crowd screamed.

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Romance – A Short Story
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Layer over layer, the noise propagated; fuming with excitement. All the bottled feelings of these estranged individuals found their voices here: shaking, blending; synchronized. The ringing persists in your ears for much than what amount the air can carry.

A muffled ecstasy runs through your veins.

Fulfillment! Lights… screen… music. An enlightened presentiment. The pulse resonates in the arena. Human flesh embodies the sentiment and materializes over the leveled platform.

I yearn. From each person’s perspective, this show must mirror differently. Vivid as the projection of reality is, neither sight nor sound nor smell can hinder their wild thoughts. Nothing can stop their imaginations from going berserk.

I wish. The ecstasy is too much to repel… too quick to counter. It can’t remain suppressed. Something must be done.

Shout, scream or sing. Lust is an insatiable predator; irresistible. It slowly devours the shattered pieces of one’s soul. Falling, dying and resurrecting.

I am a phoenix.Subdued, the pleasure is a tingle; a gentle caress for the unfeeling blood. Warm! Persuasive as it is coaxing; eloquently inviting me to follow. I pause to think.

No room for thought. As if my head was split halfway, I was divided. Silent enjoyment of an admirer’s advances and the vigor to resist them; or the stubbornness of greed overtaking: I had to choose.“Let it rest,” I thought, “enough!” Stay; stay… oh yearning! Only conflict can arouse this wasted battlefield.

I had to go outside. I pushed my way through the darkened figures that sprawled the moss pit. They had been unwelcoming to this of course. But it was only the prologue… there was much more to look forward to.

“Not for me though,” I mused, smirking. One tiny obstacle in their long journey… a little stepping stone would only serve to expound the servile pleasure of reaching their destination.“But what lies at the end of your journey? Peace? Quiet? Your demise or…”Splash! Pitter… pitter… pitter. Sticky tears squirted from my drenched jacket.

It was shocking! The feeling of ice sliding down my back; sugary droplets adsorbed: eerily weighing down on my back.“Who was that?” I cried. But my scream rebounded. It sank down: utterly incoherent!A sudden touch on my back awoke me.

I read the words, “It was me,” off one shadow’s lips.I was speechless. The light flashed across her face, showing a mixture of defiance and rebellious bravado. She stood there- oblivious to the whirling sounds around her.

She was looking only at me… waiting for a response; demanding one.Honestly, I was mesmerized. I didn’t get a decent look at her face, but I was definitely attracted… curious.I mimicked the words, “Follow me,” and lead her outside.

“What can I do for you mister?” she promptly asked before I turned my back to face her.Ugh! My back still felt eerie. I recollected my courage.“Are those the kind of words you should use in your situation?”“They are words.

If not, what is?”“I AM SORRY.”She was taken aback. Building on this momentum, I continued, “One would think you were actually the victim.”She turned scarlet.

“And was it my fault some idiot was trying to leave before the prologue even finished?”I couldn’t retort.“You must really think highly of yourself: forcing your whims on people like that.”I opened my mouth to speak, but she cut me short with a wave of her hand.“Anyway… for the jacket, I’ll pay the cleaning bill.

This is my number.” She dictated unto the palm of my hand.Parting with which, she vanished into the darkness. I clasped my hand and squeezed it.“This might just turn out interesting…”

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