Romeo And Juilet Waiting to Exhale Literary Analysis

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Exhale, Troy and Robin had a heated argument about their relationship. Additionally, the setting and time period of the two movies were different. “Romeo and Juliet” was set in the 16th century while “Waiting to Exhale” was set in the 1990s. Despite these differences, both movies showcase the balcony scene as a pivotal moment in the love stories of the characters.”

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Romeo and Juliet/ Waiting to Exhale Literary analysis

Director Frank Ziffirelli’s created a movie based on Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet” in 1968. Forest Whitaker” made a movie based on a Terry McMillan’s book entitled “Waiting to Exhale”. Though different in many ways they both show similarities in the balcony scenes. When watching the two balcony scenes if you pay attention to the characters’ actions, clothing, music and background; you will see where the movies are similar and how they differ.

The balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet were similar in many ways. First in “Waiting to Exhale,” Troy showed up apparently drunk to see Robin who was sitting on her balcony. In “Romeo and Juliet,” Romeo after drinking with his friends went to see Juliet who was on her balcony as well. Romeo and Troy show similarities by showing up to see the women of their interest and expressing their feelings after they have been drinking. Romeo then made his way up to see Juliet on her balcony. While Troy attempts to make his way up the stairs to Robin wouldn’t let him inside. There were more than just the characters actions that made the two scenes similar.

The two movies also showed similarities in more ways such as background, music, and clothing. In the beginning scene of “Waiting to Exhale” as Troy approaches there are a lot of trees in the background. In “Romeo and Juliet,” Romeo is watching Juliet on her balcony while hiding in the woods. The scenes also show similarities in the music. Although the music was different, they both were ballads. The vest that Troy had on could be looked at as a representation of the vest that Romeo was wearing. Also Robin wearing a shirt that could be compared to the night wear that Juliet was wearing.

Even though the balcony scene in “Romeo and Juliet” was similar to the one in “Waiting to Exhale,” they were different in many ways. In the “Romeo and Juliet the two characters expressed their love for one another. In “Waiting to.

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