Romeo And Juliet Balcony Scene Rewrite Analysis

There are a multitude story plots that follows the theme of Romeo and Juliet, such as The Lion King II: Samba’s Pride, West Side Story, and many others. All these scenarios follow the idea of forbidden love, star crossed lovers, or the idea of fate. While some flaws were the characters abuse of their free will and others were of long time feuds, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet were the base of the stories, becoming involved in the making of these works of art.

In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, both lack of parental involvement and tragic flaws are responsible for the young lovers’ deaths, revealing Shakespearean theme that unguided love always leads to downfall. The Capsule and Montages possession of a long history of pride and conflict prolonged until their Only children were the sacrifice to ease the dispute continued from both families. Due to the lack of parental guidance, Romeo and Juliet were unable to compose their affections in a healthy manner, ultimately creating an unmanageable version of love.

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Lois Kirsches understood this notion as she states, “Perhaps the problem is not with the intensity of the emotion, but the inability to control and direct that emotion in positive way’ (Kirsches 258-61). Due to the lack of parent involvement, Juliet and Romeos love was destined to end in flames. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet actually shows the opposite of an affectionate father as Gullet’s father, Capsule infuriatingly tells Juliet, “Out, you green-sickness carrion”, following exactly with “Out, you baggage!

You tallow-face,” after she disagrees to marry Paris, the man she is arranged to marry (Shakespeare 3. 5. 156-157). This shows his display of discipline as he basically tells her that she’s garbage and to get out of his sight. Even her most trusted adviser, Nurse, sides with ere father, giving her more reason to not trust the adults around her. Hazelnut reveals his opinion of these young victims as he declares, “They were in full possession of their senses and their affections. Their hopes were of air, their desires of fire” (Hazily 273-76).

This implies that although Romeo and Gullet’s love were rich and abundant, their poor lack of guidance caused their destined fate. Considering the fact that none of their parents know of their relationship towards each other, shows that they do not have a good relationship with each other. Becoming the closure of their family’s elongated lash towards each other, they both did not die in vain. Although the story line of Romeo and Juliet were of beautiful star crossed lovers; the victims of fate, they were also hormonal teenagers.

This is proven by how Juliet had not even known of love before her encounter with Romeo, as Romeo had always just fancied his own idea of love. Romeo shows that he can no longer forget of his beloved Rosalie as he explains to Benevolent, “thou cants not teach me to forget” (Shakespeare 1. 1 . 224). Although he proclaims his love for Rosalie would never waver, he falls hopelessly in love with Juliet just at the sight of ere, whispering to himself, “For I newer saw true beauty till this night” (Shakespeare 1. 5. 51).

As he switches lovers, he shows how easy it is for him to toss love, displaying how he never fell in love with Rosalie. His act uncovered the audience’s mindset to if he truly loves Juliet since he could just cast away his feelings for Rosalie. Although they fancy each other, they never truly interact correctly as they use Nurse as a way of communication, creating an invisible wall between them. Their views of each other are so mutated that Juliet IS under the idea that Romeo is a virgin, which he obviously is not as he is very promiscuous in the play.

The fact that they know nothing of each other, yet they are so in love that they would die for one another, displays how much of their personalities and their experiences play into their romance, as Juliet is not one to understand or know of love and Romeo is too much of a romantic lover with a twisted idea of love. Romeo and Juliet shows much more as it represents teenage love in a deeply emotional way. As Romeo and Juliet was named of romance and undying love, It truly shows the most of how a teenager would love with the dramatics and all the scenarios.

Although their story has more to do with a physical death, it is the representation of the risks of love and how it may hurt the ones involved. Just like the Prince, a contributing character may feel guilty of a fall out of loved ones. Instead of being just a story, Romeo and Juliet is a depiction of modern society today. Written by William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has an absence of parental guidance and the tragic flaws of both Romeo and Juliet are responsible for the young lovers’ deaths, revealing Shakespearean theme that unguided love will lead to a crash and burn.

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