Romeo And Juliet Fight Scene

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Juliet changes her priorities and attitude as a result of her newly acquired love for Romeo. At the beginning of the play, Gullet’s family was most important to her but later that night, she redirects her complete attention to Romeo. Juliet is so engrossed with Romeo that she is willing to leave her family to be with him. She says on the balcony,” be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capsule. ” (2. 235-36) which illustrates that her identity as a Capsule becomes insignificant to her. Shakespeare emphasizes on Romeos predominance over Juliet and her change in attitude.

She says to the nurse, “That ‘banishd,’ that one word ‘banished’ hath slain ten thousand Tables. ” (3. 2. 114-115) which shows that Juliet places Romeo so high on her priorities that she would rather have her cousin die ten thousand times than Romeo banished. Thus Gullet’s new affection for Romeo contributes greatly to her change of priorities and attitudes which also leads to her disobedience. Another way Juliet changes is when she becomes disobedient and uncomplicated due to falling in love with her enemy. She changes from a compliant and submissive child to an independent and obelisks young woman .

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When Juliet was talking to Lady Capsule about marriage, before the feast, “But no more deep will endear mine eye than your consent gives strength to make it fly. ” (1. 3. 99-101) it demonstrates what a dutiful child Juliet was. However, the change in Juliet is obvious when Lady Capsule tells her she is marrying Paris after her secret marriage with Romeo. Gullet’s reply is contrary to what she said in the beginning of the play, “… When I do, I swear it shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, Rather than Paris. ” 3. 5. 21-123) which portrays her new identity of a disobedient dies. Juliet disrupts the great chain of being where men come before woman and parents before children by marrying without her parents’ consent. Juliet rebellious actions due to her attraction to her enemy were significant to her remaking into a young woman no longer virtuous and innocent. Following the change in her actions, Juliet commits herself to an irreversible change in her identity, as she loses her innocence to Romeo and becomes an unchaste and imprudent young woman.

Juliet threatens to kill herself if Friar Lawrence doesn’t think of a solution to her problem, “l long to die If what thou speakers speak not Of remedy. ” (4. 1. 68-69) which demonstrates that Juliet has lost her innocence as death is an impure? Thought. Juliet blatantly lies to her parents, while plotting an elopement with Romeo, “Pardon, beseech you! Henceforward I am ever ruled by you. ” (4. 219-20) showing a lack of respect and gratitude. The banishment of Romeo and lack of family support for Juliet aided in her loss of innocence and values.

Gullet’s character undergoes great change in the course of the play; she starts as an innocent and naive girl and changes to a defiant and rebellious young woman. Juliet is portrayed to be a tragic hero who the audience treats with sympathy and respect. Shakespeare uses her character in his cautionary tale to warn the audience that when you act imprudently and hastily things will end badly for you; the moderate path should always be taken. This is shown in the play when Romeo and Juliet act hastily and impulsively, resulting in the tragic death of the ‘star crossed lovers’.

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