Romeo And Juliet Essay - Part 8

Discuss the ways that Shakespeare presents the theme of conflict in “Romeo and Juliet”

Act III iii
This scene happens immediately after Romeo has married Juliet - Romeo And Juliet Essay introduction. It consists of a public brawl and the death of two main characters who are Tybalt and Mercutio. Also the love that Romeo and Juliet have for each other. Romeo is in a conflict with himself because Tybalt has challenged him to a dual but Romeo cannot accept because they are now both related. “Thy beauty hath made me effeminate, and in my temper and softened valour’s steel!” This quotation shows Romeo’s inner conflict, simply because of his love for Juliet has made him disrespect his family honour.
“Tybalt the reason I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting. Villain I am non; therefore farewell, I see thou knowest me not.” This shows Romeo still respects his family honour but he has no choice to go against it simply because he and Tybalt are now related.
The characters in this scene are; Romeo, Tybalt, Mercutio and Benvolio. Mercutio and Tybalt are the two main characters of this scene because of their desire to cause conflict. However Romeo does not want to fight, this shows his attitudes towards the feud has changed; showing his inner self conflict. He says: “I am fortune’s fool” which shows he is fighting against himself. The line “O sweet Juliet, thy beauty hath made me effeminate” shows that Romeo has changed his views because he has married Juliet. “Tybalt, the reason I have to love thee” shows that Romeo now feels he cannot fight against Tybalt, even though he his going against his family honour.
The language shown in this scene shows conflict; “the day is hot and we shall not escape a brawl”, “Quarrel”, “For one would not kill the other” these are all phrases that imply fighting and conflict, like the majority of this scene.
After reading the scene, we are immediately drawn into one of the main themes of the play, Disorder. The other themes covered in the.

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Romeo And Juliet Prompts Essay - Part 8

The book “the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” is about 2 star crossed lovers who can’t get together because of their families on going feud - Romeo And Juliet Prompts Essay introduction. The main characters in this play are Romeo, Juliet, the nurse, and Friar Lawrence. Juliet is a 13 year old girl who is being forced to marry Paris an eligible bachelor, who is rich and very successful. Juliet then starts loving Romeo and gets married to him. One of the main characters, Juliet went through a lot of change in “the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

At the beginning Juliet is a very naive girl, then turns to be confident, and then at the end becomes strong. At the beginning Juliet is very Naive because Juliet is very young and doesn’t know that much about the world. At that time Juliet is being forces to marry Paris, and she didn’t know anything about the world. Juliet is called upon by her mother “Nurse, where’s my daughter? Call her forth to has a nurse to take care of her and show her the right ways in life. Juliet needs to be told about what to do.

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Juliet is also naive because Paris asked her father “what do you say to my suit. “(27) Lord Capsule answered “my child is still a stranger in the world” lord Capsule meant that Juliet doesn’t know about the people. Around the middle of the story Juliet turns to be confident. I can say that Juliet is very confident, SSH?s confident that Romeo will never leave her and will always stay by her side. Juliet told Romeo “Romeo… Remembering how I love thy company. “(81 ) Juliet got attached and felt confident that Romeos there for her.

Also Juliet trusted Romeo a lot, and she got married to him. When the friar asked Juliet if she is happy she said “if you are as happy as am and have more skill to proclaim it, and sweeten the air by singing of our happiness. “(112) Later on in the play Juliet turns into a mature and strong girl. Juliet is convinced that she wouldn’t marry anyone other than Romeo. So when Juliet is forced to marry Paris she talked back and said “l will not marry yet” (1 65). Juliet stood up for what she wanted unlike being Naive and obedient, like before.

Also after that Juliet went to Friar Lawrence and Friar Lawrence said “go home, be merry, give consent….. Take thou this vile, being in bed. ” (181 ) Juliet got strong on her inside that she knew what she had to do. Is Juliet a Static or dynamic character? Juliet is a dynamic character because Juliet changed throughout the play. At the beginning Juliet is a naive and obedient girl, later on she turned to be confident and at the end she got to be strong. So this is how Juliet changed throughout the whole play.

Romeo and Juliet Essay - Part 8

The two versions of Romeo and Juliet I decided to watch were the 1968 film and 1998 film - Romeo and Juliet Essay introduction. While they share many similarities such as the script (most of it), they also have many differences such as the behavior of the characters and the way that the story is delivered. In the 1968 version, the Montagues are depicted as more timid where as the Capulets are the ones that are trying to start something. The Montagues are continually trying to leave the situation but the Capulets continue harassing them. (more…)

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