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Mid Book Review: Romeo and Juliet

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As a teenager myself, I can personally say that young people, in general terms, do not have the capacity or experience o properly fall in love with someone, and definitely not even close to a lifetime of love which is being suggested in Romeo and Juliet. My opinion about arranged marriages are not that high but I am on a competent basis with them, they allow you to make the feeling of love over the course of many years with your partner.

Now concerning the statements that you have to follow what your Older, wiser parents have say about your marriage, or if you wanted to make your own life decisions.

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Mid Book Review: Romeo and Juliet
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For me it doesn’t matter if you listen o your parents or make decisions of your own. It all depends on the situation you’re in, say that you had a relationship with someone for a long time now and your parents disagree, I would go with my own decision.

If I had a love at first sight moment, and my other option was an arranged marriage, I would go with my parent’s decision. If my parents disapprove of my choice, could try to make it work out but no guarantee they will accept what I did.

You will most likely lose the relationship with your family and all if you go on your own sections but you’ll be with the love your life. Over the course of two years we have had a very large inflict Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, several characters make rash decisions that greatly impact life in Verona. In my opinion, Romeo makes the most wasteful decisions out of every character in the play. I believe this, for he rushed into love much too quickly. Romeo states that his love for Juliet is different because she loves him back.

As I see it, this means that Romeos heart is crushed by the fact that Rosalie does not love share the love that he does for her. Romeo, now blinded by a broken heart, foolhardiest rushes into another relationship with a family enemy. Only on the basis that Juliet loves him back. Romeos decision to love Juliet is also ill thought out for several reasons. The most prominent of these reasons is that the Montague and Capsules share such hatred with each other that the result of this romance can only lead to the negative effect on others.

Past experiences of mine allow for connections to be made between the rash decisions made by characters within Shakespearean play, and decisions of my own. For example, all throughout middle school I would find myself judging others. I would judge others based upon details that I should have considered irrelevant. These details consist of who they hung out with, or what sports they played. Reflecting back on these decisions I now realize how stupid was for making such blind judgments of people that have only seen briefly while passing them in the hallway.

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